Executive Committee

Date Time:
8 August 2018 (1200 to 1245)

D199 – Small Conference Room

Persons in attendance:

  • Curtis Hamilton - President
  • Efrain Andia Rodriguez– Vice President
  • Dave Gartley – Member at Large
  • Jason Reid – Secretary


  • Set the date for AMG  - October 2018 / Mid November
  • Same place as last year – Perro Negro Victoria BC
  • https://www.ferrisoysterbar.com/perro-negro/
  • Anticipating attendance of PIPCS President or Vice President (To Be Confirimed)

Open Event
15 Aug 2018 – Public Service BBQ (Location East Parking Lot D199)
Reported by Efrain Rodrigues - “Leadership in one of the PSAC locals is telling their members not to attend because of ongoing issues with Phoenix.”
Request for volunteers to assist in setup and teardown.

New Employees
DND -> new employee sign paper work at HR -> then directed to LCC for a welcome to the CS. Employees that are not a part of DND, (Example SSC) are to contact any union steward, they will provide information package.

Prior to next AGM Meeting, we need to openly post which positions are open for elections, prior to election night.

Lunch and Learns
Dependant on the status of the budget for FY2018 – Intending on having Lunch and Learn.
Possible speaker - Robert MacDonald – to speak on “New Sick Time – Contracting Out”.
Email: robertmacdonald@pipsc.ca
President to Vice President will follow up to find a Subject Matter expect concerning “New Sick Time”.
Expect to spend at least an hour speaking / answer “Employee and Wellness Support Program”.