Toronto IT Subgroup Meeting, June 7, 2023


Roy Philip (President)                   Bill Sukloff                  Nuşin Brown (Secretary)   

Mathieu Leblond                            Dave Darling             Kajawathani Thalayasingam        

Kamil Suchanek                     

Absent:  Judy Chow, Yvonne Snaddon, Andrea Agh                                       

Welcome by Roy Philip at 6:25 pm. Everyone introduced themselves.

Kamil has been appointed as a member at large. Roy made a motion, Bill seconded.

Finance: We have 440 IT members from Oakville to Oshawa, and up to Barrie in the North.

We will apply for the 2023 allotment.

Action Item: Roy to work with Kevin and Andrea to apply for the 2023 allocation.

Officer Positions: Mathieu will be the communications officer.

Action Items:

  • Roy to reach out to the national IT Group communications officer for ideas to engage members.
  • Mathieu to investigate Discord as a member engagement tool

Subgroup AGM: Planning has begun for a September date. The Mandarin is likely the best venue to attract most members with hybrid work.  The tentative date is Tuesday September 26th.

Action Items:

  • Roy/Judy to check availability of the Mandarin
  • Mathieu to setup Eventbrite for the AGM
  • Nuşin to find last year’s announcement

Member Engagement Sessions:  Yvonne to ask PIPSC for an available presentation to do virtually.

IT Group AGM Update: The National IT Group AGM was held on June 3, 2023. Roy, Bill, Judy, Nuşin and Yvonne attended. There was about 120 attendees Canada wide. A bargaining update was given. The big challenge nationally is to engage the younger members.

PIPSC has 3500 grievances against contracting out. Treasury Board wanted these dropped.

We need pay parity, market adjustment and will not accept the PSAC deal. There is a recruitment and retention issue. Pay parity should have been obtained at the previous round. We are likely to go to arbitration following the June bargaining. It may take 6 to 9 months for the final settlement. The Arbitrator’s decision will be final, there will not be a vote.

Action Items: Yvonne to give us a bargaining update as of mid-June by Zoom. Roy to coordinate the date.

Other Business:  The Service Plus team did a virtual information session over Zoom, at lunch time for Environment Canada, which was well received.

Promotional items to be discussed at the next meeting.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm. Next meeting will be on Wednesday July 26th by Zoom. Bill to setup The Zoom for 7:30 pm.