Toronto CS Subgroup - Meeting Minutes - July 14, 2022


Judy Chow (President)                       Bill Sukloff                  Roy Philip

Nuşin Brown (Secretary)       

Planned to be present but Absent:  Kevin MacEwen (Treasurer), Yvonne Snaddon,

Absent:  Doug Powless, Mike Kuenen


Welcome by Judy Chow at 6:00 pm.

Finance: We will not apply for the 2022 allotment as there were no major expenses incurred in the last year. An IT Subgroup AGM needs to be held in 2022.  Planning has begun for a September date, scoping out the best venue to attract members.  

Action Item: Judy to confirm a date with Stan Buday as guest speaker.

Subgroup AGM: A potential meeting venue was investigated in-person, by four (4) Executive members, in order to plan the Subgroup AGM for September. Two (2) members pulled out of the on-site meeting at the last minute, but we proceeded as planned.

Discussion:  Agreement that there are a lot of variables (rise of Covid, return to work sites, location etc.) that might affect the numbers willing to attend.  

The Dragon Pearl has an excellent Chinese buffet selection; however, it is on the high price range and the offered packaged was not very discounted.  A high non-refundable deposit would be required by mid-August and a commitment of minimum 45 people is not achievable in the current Covid environment. The location at Don Mills and York Mills, despite lots of available free parking, is unlikely to generate a large appetite for attendance. We need to consider all risks with caution.

Decision:  Consider other venues, send out a survey on whether members would rather attend Dragon Pearl or The Granite Brewery or another location (The Mandarin?).  More to consider in communication with balance of the Executive.

Addendum - August 5, 2022: A short Zoom meeting was held on August 5th with five (5) Executive members to confirm the AGM date and venue. A hybrid meeting will be offered with a virtual attendance option. Judy made a motion to hold the AGM at the Mandarin at Yonge and Eglington on September 13th, Doug seconded, Motion carried. We will go through PIPSC to have the event posted on the website. Eventbrite will be used to manage member registrations. Judy as the subgroup President will request a membership list from PIPSC membership services in order to cross-reference names of persons who RSVP to make sure they are a valid subgroup member.

Action Items:

  • Judy to request an up-to-date Subgroup member list from PIPSC.
  • Nuşin and Judy to prepare the AGM invitation to have it posted on the website.
  • Judy to set up the Eventbrite registration link for members

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 pm. Judy will send a Doodle survey to pick a date for the next Executive meeting and to send out the AGM invitation to members through PIPSC, three (3) weeks prior to the event.