Roll Call:



  • Tony Goddard, President
  • Don Whiting, Vice President
  • Robert Hebert, Treasuruer
  • Greg Bell, Member-at-large
  • John Meier, Member-at-large
  • Shannon Blaney, Member-at-large
  • Tanya Scheel, Member-at-large
  • Mary Religa, Secretary
  • Nasreen Sultana


Approval of the agenda for the meeting

Mover:  Tony Goddard

Seconded by:  John Meier

Motion carried


Approval of the 2019 AGM minutes

Mover:  Tony Goddard

Seconded by:  Don Whiting

Motion carried


2019 Financial Report

Mover:  Robert Hébert

Seconded by:  Shannon Blaney

Motion carried


Budgets 2020 (revised) & 2021 – Robert Hébert

The 2020 budget is presented for information only

Mover for the approval of the 2021 budget:   Robert Hébert

Seconded by:   Tanya Scheel

Motion carried


Moved by: Tony Goddard

Seconded by John Meier:

THAT the Terms of Office for the NCR Statistics Canada CS Subgroup be extended for a period of one year.

Motion carried


Bargaining Update – Tony Goddard

Tony gave a presentation on the current state of CS Group bargaining, the last offer from Treasury Board, details on how he expects the vote to be conducted and how the CS Group sees the next steps.


Meeting Adjourned at 12:55 pm