St. John’s CS Subgroup Executive Meeting 


May 12, 2022 at 5:30 pm


Present: James Vey, Christine LeDrew, Craig Butler, Lucille Shears, Tracey Locke, Clayton Long, Sherry Brown, Mike Lester

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 pm by Christin LeDrew 

Motion to adopt agenda presented by Tracey Locke, Sherry Brown seconded – All in favour motion carried

Review and motion to accept St. John’s subgroup previous meeting minutes

Clayton Long presented motion to accept, Mike Lester seconded – All in favour motion carried

Finance Update – Sherry Brown

Sherry presented an update on our finances (balances, expenses, etc.). We currently have $2267 in the bank.

Subgroup President’s Update – Christine Ledrew

CS / IT subgroup presidents meeting held April 30 in Ottawa 

Mixed Virtual and Physical presence

Common issues shared with PIPSC are mobilization and engagement

Looking at ways to solve it but working from home is big obstacle

Bargaining Update – Lucille Shears

Meet with TBS April 5-7

Asked TBS for monetary value of proposal

Signed off on some basic articles

Employer is slow on discussing contracting out

Update form Eva Henshaw that there are over 2000 grievances for contracting out

6 are ready to be heard, hoping for a decision on them

Negotiations again next week, Update will be sent after that

New IT Group Logo – Christine LeDrew


Survey will be sent to executive members to vote on new logo. There will be 4 choices.

Subgroup Bylaws

PIPSC does not have a copy of them. 

Christine sent a gender-neutral version of them but it has to be voted on and passed at the AGM

Subgroup AGM

AGM must be held ASAP.

Looking at an evening in person meeting. 

September would be best month, aim for the week of the 12th-16th.

We could invite Eva as a guest speaker

Election of executive – All position up for election.

The positions that will expired in 2020 will be up for a two-year term

The positions that expire in 2019 will be up for a one-year term

Motion to accept all the above put forth by Lucille Shears

Seconded by Sherry Brown

All in favour motion carried

Tentative Meeting Schedule

Next Executive Meeting

Virtual Lunch time – tentatively set for August 30th

Round Table


Action Items

Jay to check with Lions Club or KOC as possible site for AGM.

Christine will check with the Elks Club

Motion to adjourn – Christine LeDrew, James Vey seconded All in Favour – motion carried

Meeting adjourned 7:45 PM