St. John’s CS Subgroup Executive Meeting

Zoom Meeting

June 10, 2021 at 7:00 pm

Present: Gerard Grace, Ruth Grace, Sherry Brown, James Vey, Christine Ledrew, Craig Butler, Mike Lester, Lucille Shears, Tracey Locke

The meeting was called to order at 12:00 pm by Clayton Long

Motion to adopt agenda presented by James Vey, Sherry Browne seconded – All in favour motion carried

Review and motion to accept St. John’s subgroup previous meeting minutes

Gerard Grace presented motion to accept, Ruth Grace seconded – All in favour motion carried

PIPSC Agm Day 2 update – Christine Ledrew

Day of meeting occurred virtually on June 5th, 2021

In person meeting motion put to the floor and it carried. In person meeting can resume on September 1, 2021 pending Covid situation in regional area. Members can choose to attend virtually if they wish.

A debate occurred regarding the part time VP position should be a salaried position

Family Care policy approved

          Household members can be paid to take care of kids while on union business.

Resolution brought forward to hold the AGM in the triangle area of Toronto/ Montreal / Ottawa. Meeting would rotate each year. It was approved.

Finance Update – Sherry  Brown

Sherry presented an update on our finances (balances, expenses, etc). All is good.

Subgroup AGM

We have to hold it by end of October 2021.

We can choose virtual or in-person (depending upon Covid situation)

It was discussed and we agreed that  we will proceed as if we were going to have an an in-person meeting but will offer the virtual option. The in person meeting will depend upon the COVID situation at the time.

Christine will look into lining up a guest speaker and Lucille will check out possible locations.

Christine Ledrew presented a motion that we proceed with this plan, Lucille Shears seconded – All in Favour – motion carried.

Bargaining update – Lucille Shears

We can file a notice to bargain as early as fall of this year

J.P Leduc is the new bargaining agent

Rob Scott is the new bargaining officer.

New Business


Round Table


Action Items

Christine Ledrew – Look into a guest speaker for the AGM

Lucille Shears – Look into a location for the AGM

Motion to adjourn – Mike Lester,  Tracey Locke seconded. All in Favour – motion carried

Meeting adjourned 8:00 PM