St. John’s CS Subgroup Executive Meeting

Montana’s - St. John’s

June 1, 2017 at 5:30 pm


Craig Butler, Steve Dillon, Sherry Brown, Christine Newhook, Lucille Shears, Gerard

Grace, Terry Parrell, Tracey Locke, Scott Squires, James Vey

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 pm by Steve Dillon

Motion to adopt agenda (Gerard Grace moved , Terry Parrell second )  

Review and motion to accept St. John’s subgroup previous meeting minutes

(Tracey Locke moved Lucille Shears second)  

Business Arising / Action Items


Financial Update – Tracey Locke

Tracey provided an update on our financial situation.

New Business

PSAC Rally – Christine Newhook

An update on the planned Public Service week PSAC rally was provided. Rally to occur at offices of Seamus O’Regan. This is also the building that houses an ESDC office.

Buses will be provided form various locations around the city, lunch will be provided.

Christine will check with PIPSC office to regarding the rally.

Bylaws – Steve Dillon

Copies of other subgroup bylaws were distributed and reviewed. Sherry Browne agreed to review these further and come up with a set of bylaws for our subgroup.

Bargaining Update – Lucille Shears

Tentative agreement ratified and we are awaiting an official signing date.

We should pay attention to all instances of contracting out and gather any and all information related to these issues.

The Classification standard has been postponed until 2018

Spending – Steve Dillon

There is some money available to spend to further involve our membership in the subgroup.

A movie night idea was suggested. We could buy passes for interested members and all meet at the theater. It would be a great way for the members to get together and socialize.

We will take an informal email poll at the two biggest location (DFO and ESDC) to gauge interest. Christine will poll ESDC and Sherry will poll DFO.

If there is enough interest , we will set a date and go from there.

Round Table


Meeting adjourned 6:45 PM – James Vey moved and seconded by Scott Squires.