The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

St. John’s CS Subgroup - AGM Minutes - May 8, 2018

Date: May 8, 2018

Location: NAFC – DFO - White Hills St. John’s

In attendance: 

  • Craig Butler
  • Steve Dillon
  • Lucille Shears
  • Gerard Grace
  • Terry Parrell
  • Tracey Locke
  • Sherry Brown
  • Christine Newhook
  • Todd Gover
  • Bob Comeau
  • Ian Burry
  • Harry Walsh
  • Scott Squires
  • James Vey
  • Ruth Grace
  • Gus Byrne
  • Todd Janes
  • Clayton Long
  • Phillip Escott
  • Glen Rowsell
  • Paul Lawrence
  • Mike Lester

Invited Guests:

  • Eva Henshaw, National CS Group Executive


  • N/A

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 12:00 pm by Steve Dillon

Review and Adoption of Agenda

  • Moved by Sherry Brown, Seconded by Terry Parrell
  • No objections, Agenda accepted

Opening Remarks

Steve Dillon provided an update on the subgroups activities over the past year.

Review and Adoption of Minutes from previous AGM

  • Minutes reviewed, Motion to accept Christine Newhook, seconded by Gerard Grace
  • No objections, minutes passed

Financial Update

Financial report distributed for review

  • Financial report reviewed, Motion to accept James Vey, seconded by Christine Newhook
  • No objections, financial report accepted

Election of Subgroup Executive members

Eva Henshaw conducted the election
The following positions are up for election

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • 4 member at large positions (2 year terms)


  • Sherry Brown nominated Steve Dillon 
  • Steve accepted the nominated
  • Elected by acclimation


  • Tracey Locke advised she is not interested in continuing as Treasurer
  • Tracey nominated Sherry Brown 
  • Sherry accepted the nominated
  • Elected by acclimation

Member at Large (4 positions – 2 year term)

  • Sherry Brown nominated Tracey Locke, Tracey accepted nomination
  • Steve Dillon nominated Mike Lester, Mike accepted the nomination
  • Lucille Shears nominated Christine Newhook, Christine accepted the nomination
  • James Vey nominated Ruth Grace, Ruth accepted the nomination
  • No other nominations put forward
  • All nominees were elected by acclimation

Update on Sick Leave

Eva Henshaw provided us with an informative presentation on the Employee Wellness Support Plan (EWSP) as well as current contracting out activities
A lively discussion occurred amongst all attendees on both topics


  • Motion to adjourn presented by Mike Lester
  • Seconded by Tracey Locke
  • Meeting was adjourned @ 1:15 PM