St. John’s CS Subgroup AGM 

Elks Club St. John’s

September 27, 2022 at 5:30 PM


Craig Butler, Lucille Shears, Gerard Grace, Ruth Grace, Tracey Locke, Sherry Brown, Christine LeDrew, Mike Lester, Adam Bennett, Dave Stagg, Ranvir Rana, Scott Squires, Mike Foran, Jacqueline Pottle, Glen Collins, Jeff Barnes, James Vey, Steve Dillon

Invited guests – Eva Henshaw and Stan Buday 

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 pm by Lucille Shears 

Opening Remarks

Christine LeDrew welcomed all to our first in person meeting AGM in over two years.

Land Acknowledgement 

Lucille Shears

Review and Adoption of Agenda

Moved by James Vey, Seconded by Sherry Brown

No objections, Agenda accepted

Review and approval of minutes from previous AGM

Moved by Steve Dillon, Seconded by Mike Lester

No objections, Agenda accepted

Business arising from the minutes


Election of Subgroup Executive members

Eva Henshaw and Stan Buday conducted the election

The following positions are up for election

President – 2 Year term

Vice President – 1 Year Term

Secretary - 1 Year Term

4 member at large positions (2 year terms)

3 member at large positions (1 year terms)

President – 2 year term

Adam Bennett nominated Steve Dillon - Steve accepted

James Vey nominated Christine LeDrew – Christine accepted

Vote conducted and Christine LeDrew was elected subgroup president

Vice President - 1 year term

Christine LeDrew nominated James Vey – James accepted

Elected by acclimation

Treasurer - 2 Year Term

Christine LeDrew nominated Sherry Brown – Sherry accepted

Elected by acclimation

Secretary -1 Year Term

James Vey nominated Craig Butler – Craig accepted

Elected by acclimation

Member at Large -7 positions – 4 (2 year term) / 3 (1 year term)

Sherry Browne nominated Tracey Locke - Tracey accepted nomination

Craig Butler nominated Steve Dillon – Steve accepted nomination 

Steve Dillon nominated Mike Lester - Mike accepted the nomination

Ruth Grace nominated Gerard Grace – Gerard accepted the nomination.

Christine LeDrew nominated Lucille Shears – Lucille accepted the nomination

Steve Dillon nominated Adam Bennett – Adam accepted the nomination

Gerard Grace nominated Ruth Grace – Ruth accepted the nomination

Adam Bennett nominated Ranvir Rana – Ranvir accepted the nomination

Jacqueline Pottle nominated Scott Squires – Scott accepted the nomination

No other nominations were put forward

Lucille Shears rescinded her acceptance of the nomination

An election was then held to determine who would fill the seven available positions.

Tracey Locke, Steve Dillon, Mike Lester, Adam Bennett and Ranvir Rana were elected on first ballot

Gerard Grace, Ruth Grace and Scott Squires were tied after the first ballot, so a run-off was held.

Gerard Grace and Scott Squires were elected on the run-off ballot.

Motion to destroy the ballots was put forth by James Vey, seconded by Christine LeDrew. 

No objections, Motion accepted.

Financial report distributed for review

The financial report was distributed to all. Sherry Browne reviewed the report.

Motion to accept Christine LeDrew, seconded by Steve Dillon

No objections, financial report accepted

President’s Report

Christine LeDrew delivered her report. It recapped the last two years and highlighted the impact of the pandemic on the subgroup.

By Laws 

Lucille Shears and Christine LeDrew presented our new gender-neutral bylaws and drew attention to paragraph 6.7.1 and 6.7.2.

After the review of these items, an amendment was put forth by Steve Dillion to change the wording of 6.7.2 to read as follows:


If a position other than that of the President becomes vacant for any reason, an eligible member of the Sub-Group will be voted in to fill that vacancy at the next election.


If a position other than that of the President becomes vacant for any reason, an eligible member of the Sub-Group will be voted in to fill that vacancy at the next Sub-Group executive meeting.


Motion to accept amendment put forward by Steve Dillon, Seconded by Lucille Shears

No objections, amendment accepted.

Motion put forward by Christine LeDrew to accept the bylaws

Seconded by Mike Lester

No Objections – Motion carried

Bargaining Update 

Stan Buday provided us with an update on bargaining and negotiations. 

PIPSC Update

Eva Henshaw provided and update on the PIPSC board of directors and the structure of PIPSC

Closing remarks

Draw for a set of wireless headphones was made among all attendees. Tracey Locke was the winner.

Christine LeDrew thanked all for their attendance.

Motion to adjourn presented by Steve Dillon

Seconded by Ranvir Rana

Meeting was adjourned @ 8:30 PM