The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

CS Quinte Sub Group Executive Minutes held in Belleville 10 October 2019

Executives in Attendance:

Glenn Maxwell President

Debbie Butler Vice-President

Dan Weaver Member-at-Large

Lisa Shears Member-at-Large

Doug Austin Member-at-Large

Shelley Shanessy Member-at-Large

Hazra Hosein Member-at-Large

Bevin Stephenson Treasurer


Angie Gmitro  


Action By

  1. Opening Remarks


  1. Approval of Agenda

President called for a motion to approve the agenda. Glenn Maxwell motioned to accept. Shelley Shanessy seconded the motion.  AIF


  1. Welcome


  1. Minutes of the last meeting deferred to the next Executive Meeting


  1. President’s Report

The impending election means that we have an opportunity to select a government that protects our rights and reduces contracted services. The issue in Canada is apathy. The majority of Canadians do not vote. In this upcoming Federal election please vote and choose a party that has your best interest in mind. Remember, it may well be that you are voting for your own job cut if you do not choose wisely.

The Institute is celebrating its 100 th Anniversary and the CS Group is celebrating its 50th anniversary. To this end I have proposed that we use some of our funding to purchase 100th Anniversary coffee mugs and provide a golf shirt, hat or pashmina (scarf) with our logos celebrating the above anniversaries.

It is my hope that members will recognize and appreciate the gesture and realize the privilege that we all hold in this country to organize and collectively bargain free from persecution.

Here’s to another successful year at bargaining and hope for a future government that will uphold our beliefs and wishes for a better country.

Financial Report

Bevin Stephenson gave her Treasurer’s Report. 

  1. Workplace Visits

Retirement and Travel presentations have been suggested. 

  1. CS Agreement Presentations

To be held in Belleville 

  1. Elections

Positions up for election are:

Glenn Maxwell         President

Dan Weaver             Member-at-Large

Lisa Shears              Member-at-Large

Doug Austin             Member-at-Large

Shelley Shanessy    Member-at-Large

Bevin Stephenson   Treasurer 

  1. AGM Date and Venue

January 16th at the Fairfield 

  1. AGM Guest Speakers and Swag

Suggested speaker CS Group President and MP

Mugs with 100th Anniversary logo to be purchased. Opportunity for the sub-groups to purchase as well.  Other items for consideration are shirts and pashminas for the ladies.  Hazra and Dan to take care of Belleville and Lisa and Shelley to take care of the base. To be sent back to Glenn by the end of November. 

  1. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn Hazra Hosein 7:25 p.m