West Royalty Community Centre 2nd floor Charlottetown, PEI

Wednesday, May 31, 2017 – 11:30 to 1:30 pm

1. Welcome:

President Doreen Weatherbie called meeting to order and gave overview of the years’ activities on PEI.

2. Adoption of Agenda:

Motion to add Health and Safety and approve agenda: Scott Weeks

Seconded: Donna Myers

Motion carried.

3. Review and Approval of Previous Minutes:

Motion to approve: Doreen Weatherbie

Seconded: Victor Doucet

Motion carried.

4. Business arising from Minutes:

Doreen: Sick leave numbers being addressed at NUMCC

5. Tabling of Correspondence: None

6. Reports:

I. Financial Report from Treasurer - Daniel Arsenault.

Motion to approve: Andrew Cudmore

Seconded: Vic Douse

Motion carried.

II.Report from CS Sub Group President - Doreen Weatherbie

7. Phoenix issues:

Doreen, Stan: Membership encouraged to file grievances. It has helped getting cases resolved and is important when it comes to negotiations.

There is progress being made by the employer to address the issues but it is slow going.

8. Mental Health:

Doreen: Wellness tips brought up in meetings with management

9. Health and Safety:

Scott: Looking for a replacement on the OSH committee for the APM building. There are 9 meetings a year and PIPSC does offer training.

10. Elections:

Doreen Weatherbie presided over the election. There were 6 PEI CS Sub-Group Executive 1 year member at large up for renewal/open.

  • Gerald Hill Volunteered
  • Donna Myers was nominated by Andrew Cudmore and accepted
  • Tyler Harris was nominated by Daniel Arsenault and accepted
  • Scott Weeks was nominated by Anthony McAndrew and accepted
  • Gabriel Cormier was nominated by Andrew Cudmore and accepted
  • Kathy McLellan was nominated by Scott Weeks and accepted

All were acclaimed

11. Guest Speakers:

Stan Buday – CS Group President. Timeline leading up to tentative agreement which extends to December 2018 presented. 2 Surveys will be coming out for input from members on issues for the next bargaining round. PIPSC organizing for grievances on training and contracting out. PIPSC wide Contracting out task force created. Encourage lobbying against centralization.

Eva Henshaw – sick leave MOA, there is a committee on Employee Wellness Program to work out the details. CS classification to change to IT target for implementation is 2019 (still in draft form)

12. Questions:


13. New business:

Doreen: Bill C-27 threatens to change Public Service Defined Benefit Pensions to Targeted Benefit Pension jeopardizing Public Servants pension security.

Sandy Anderson: Circulated a survey on issues to bring up at Consultation Side Table.

14. Adjournment:

Motion to adjourn: Sandy Anderson

Seconded: Anthony McAndrew

Meeting adjourned at 1:20pm