Ottawa Metro IT Subgroup 2022 AGM Minutes

November 8th, 2022

The Mill Restaurant / Ottawa

Metro Executive Committee Members


Pierre Touchette, Randy Oomen, Brian Murray and Eric Pascal Bourre


Cheryl Jennings and Vaden Ellsworth

Special Guest:

Jennifer Carr, President, PIPSC, was scheduled to be the Guest Speaker, but canceled at the last minute due to illness.

A list was placed near the front door so that attending delegates could provide their names and departments. (There were 57 members and 23 cancellations or no show.

The President of the Ottawa Metro CS Subgroup, Pierre Touchette, called the meeting to order at 12:30.

Word of Welcome

Pierre introduced the current Metro executive members and some of the delegates, former members of the Ottawa Metro subgroup executive and Board member.  There are 5 vacants positions due to moving outside of the geographical boundaries.

The agenda was modified and there are new copies on the tables in both official languages.

MOTION to adopt the AGM Agenda as written – M/S Mark Benoit, Eric Bélisle .  Carried.


Subgroup Report

There is not much of a report (only verbal) due to the pandemic, we did our minimum requirement meeting during that time, we did more representations and we lost a lot of steward at the same time.  It is time to rebuild and we need new blood.

There was a question regarding the activities of the subgroup, but the best example was the no show today.  Usually, we are close to 100 or more. 

MOTION to adopt the 2019 Metro AGM Agenda as written, some corrections were made – M/S Mark Benoit, Eric-Pascal Bourré.  Carried.

For the election purpose there was no committee setup, after 3 years of pandemic and we know that the Bylaws are not up to date on the website.

Brian Murray tabled the Treasurer’s Report for 2021, as well as the Report for 2022/23. Having no comments or questions on it, the report was moved.

MOTION to accept the Treasurer’s Report for 2021.  M/S Eric Belisle, Michael Clarkin.  Carried.

Brian Murray tabled the Metro budget for 2022/23.

MOTION to accept the Metro Budget for 2022/23.   M/S Kevin Scantland, Dusan Hoferek.  Carried.  

Elections were then held for the Metro Executive from the floor of the AGM. 

It was established by the previous AGM that we are electing a maximum of 11 members for the Executive.  Everybody is a member at large.  At the first meeting we select the 4 officers.


The following members were nominated for the Metro Executive (nominator in brackets):

Brian Murray                                     (Dusan Hoferek)      

Cheryl Jennings                               (Pierre Touchette, submit per email)

Pierre Touchette                              (Frank Tennian)      

Vaden Ellsworth                               (Eric Belisle)

Catherine Keir                                  (Shawn McCorkell)

Randy Oomen                                  (Mark Trépanier)

Fred Curson                                     (Pierre Touchette)

Eric Pascale Bourré                         (Michael Clarkin)

O’Neil Brooke                                   (Darcy Lavery)

Aleksandra (Sasha) Dukic             (Lionel Marcotte)

Stéphane Aubry                               (Yves Péris)

These nominees were asked if they wanted to stand.  All agreed to serve on the Ottawa Metro Executive as Members at Large. 

The call for nominations was closed by Marc Benoit and no ballots needed to be cast.  All those running for election were acclaimed.

MOTION to approve the election results.  M/S Marc Benoit, Eric Belisle.  Carried.


Due to Jennifer Carr being unable to attend, Brian Murray gave a short presentation on the benefits of being active stewards and participating in Union sanctioned activities. 

Pierre Touchette gave a quick update on Bargaining and spoke about Return to Work.

But most of the event was about moving forward and social activities.

MOTION to adjourn (14:00).  M/S Pierre Touchette, Carried.

Minutes recorded by Pierre Touchette, Randy Oomen for Ottawa Metro Subgroup