Ottawa Metro CS Subgroup 2016 AGM Minutes

May 17, 2016

The Mill Restaurant / Ottawa

Metro Executive Members


Pierre Touchette

Randy Oomen

Brian Murray

Steve Anderson

Cheryl Jennings

Ken Cound

Eric Pascal Bourre

Jean Colas

Vaden Ellsworth

Special Guests:

Stephane Aubry

Stan Buday

A list was placed near the front door so that attending delegates could provide their names and departments.

The President of the Ottawa Metro CS Subgroup, Pierre Touchette, called the meeting to order at 12:05.

Pierre introduced the current Metro executive members and some of the delegates and guests in the room.  He explained the history of the Metro subgroup, and summarized some of the Metro activities over the past year.  There have been 6 Executive meetings and more than 15 large Lunch n Learn sessions held.

MOTION to adopt the 2016 Metro AGM Agenda as written – M/S Cheryl Jennings, Eric Pascal Bourre.  Carried.

MOTION to adopt the minutes of the 2015 Metro AGM  – M/S Steve Anderson, Christian Baillargeon.  Carried.

Brian Murray tabled the Treasurer’s Report for 2016, and there were few comments.  Brian noted that there was less spent on Communications over the past year, and more on Member Outreach and Steward Recruitment.

MOTION to accept the Treasurer’s Report for 2016.  M/S Eric Belisle, Marc Benoit.  Carried.

Brian Murray tabled the Metro budget for 2017.  Hearing no comments on it, the budget was moved.

MOTION to accept the Metro Budget for 2017.   M/S Brian Murray, Randy Oomen.  Carried.  

Elections were then held for the Metro Executive. 

Both Pierre Touchette and Randy Oomen emphasized that those running for election to the Metro Executive should be prepared to contribute more for the members than just eating at Executive meetings.  Executives should ideally be stewards, and are expected to actively help out with Lunch n Learns in locations other than where they themselves work (for example).

It was determined that there were 5 Executive positions open, and potentially 2 more spots that could be filled (maximum of 11 Executive members). 


The following members were nominated for the Metro Executive (nominator in brackets):

Cheryl Jennings (Randy Oomen)

Brian Murray (Paul Weston)

Vaden Ellsworth (Jean Colas)

Pierre Touchette (Manon Caron)

Steve Anderson (Ken Cound)

Darlene Thorne (Brian Dinsdale)

Emanuel De Matos (Moufid Jarada)

Kimberley Tombs (Dan Theoret)

These nominees were asked if they wanted to stand.  All agreed to serve on the Metro executive, except Emanuel De Matos.  Emanuel voluntarily gave up his chance so that others might have a role on the Executive.  The size of the executive was increased to 11 members to accommodate all those who wanted to contribute. Consequently, the first 5 positions were for a two-year term, the last 2 positions were for a one-year term.

The call for nominations was closed by Randy Oomen and no ballots needed to be cast.  All those running for election were acclaimed.

These newly-elected executives join those Metro executives still occupying spots on the Metro Executive;

Randy Oomen

Ken Cound

Vaden Ellsworth

Eric Pascal Bourre

MOTION to approve the election results.  M/S Randy Oomen, Jean Boulet.  Carried.


Pierre Touchette spoke about bargaining and introduced Stan Buday, President of the CS Group.  Stan spoke further about contract negotiations, and emphasized the upcoming rally on June 10th.  Stephane Aubry, PIPSC Vice-President, followed up on that by also speaking about negotiations and the planned rally. 

MOTION to adjourn (13:27 PM).  M/S Pierre Touchette, Nick Schonning.  Carried.

-Minutes recorded by Steve Anderson, Ottawa Metro Secretary-