Minutes Ottawa Metro CS Subgroup Executive Meeting

Plus AGM Financial Report 2020 and Budget 2021

Date: 14/12/2020

Time:  10:00AM

Location: Virtual Teams Meeting




Pierre Touchette

Randy Oomen

Brian Murray

Cheryl Jennings

Éric Pascal Bourré

Nabil (Bill) Absi




Kimberley Tombs (Sick Leave)

Tamara Critch (Transferred)

Jean Colas (no longer a member)

Ken Cound (no longer a member)

Vaden Ellsworth (Sick Leave)


The president, Pierre Touchette called the meeting to order at 10:00AM(EST).




MOTION to adopt the agenda – M Eric Pascal Bourre /S Randy Oomen.  Carried.




            MOTION to adopt the last minutes meeting of March 4th, 2020.  Moved by Cheryl Jennings, seconded by Pierre Touchette


President’s Report


  • The President broached the request to allocate $2500.00 for Promotional Items. There were no objections. Second by Randy Oomen. Carried.


  • The President advised that when the new agreement is ratified, then the 180 days goes into effect to start paying us at the new rate and send out the retroactive payments.


  • The President proposed that at some point we will have to vote to add new members to replace the ones that have left.


  • The President advised that we would need to have 2 more virtual meetings as in person meetings have been canceled until further notice.




VP Report

  • The Vice President advised that he had no new updates to report at this time.


Treasurer’s Report


  • Brian Murray reported that the budget is in good standing, funding looks good to the end of the year.  Table Budget Report.


MOTION to adopt Financial Report 2020 and proposed Budget 2021 – Brian Murray /S Pierre Touchette. Carried


Secretary’s Report


  • The Secretary asked if anyone wanted to do a Virtual Christmas get together, but everyone agreed that there was enough going on at this time so it would not be feasible.
  • The Secretary asked the members to provide some availability dates for the next meeting.




  • No one had anything additional to add and we all wished each other Happy Holidays.




  • Next Meeting proposed TBD.




MOTION d’ajournement (11h) -   Brian Murray /S                                                          Nabil Absi


Minutes enregistrement par Cheryl Jennings, transcrit et soumis par Pierre Touchette pour le sous-groupe CS d’Ottawa Métro.