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Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada


Montreal-Metro CS Sub-Group

Annual General Meeting

May 8, 2019




Were present:


Hugo Landry

Denis Hudon

Miguel Daraîche-Leblanc

Philippe Marazzani

Christian Roy

Huguette Oukouomi

Philippe Poudret

Mehdi Djazzi

Caroline Côté

Émilie Robichaud

Jenny Chong

Christian Leclerc

Jean Tremblay

Christopher Cousineau

Renaud Guiard

Jean-Pierre Lavoie

François Pilon

Sylvain St-Germain

Pierre Gauthier

Claude Mercier

Paul Dupuis


Guest: Robert Tellier


Hugo Landry, MMCSSG Member-at-Large, is appointed emcee.

Miguel Daraîche-Leblanc, MMCSSG President, is appointed Meeting President.


The emcee opens the AGM by welcoming all the members present and explains how to get

free parking with a coupon. He proposes Philippe Marazzani, MMCSSG Secretary, to be appointed AGM Secretary.  He is seconded by Philippe Poudret.


  1. Adoption of the Order of Business 
    1. The emcee reads the Order of Business and asks if any amendments are required.
    2. The emcee proposes the adoption of the Order of Business. He is seconded by Renaud Guiard.
    3. The emcee asks if someone demands a vote.
    4. The Order of Business is adopted unanimously.
  2. Greetings
  • Introduction of the guests

The emcee introduces our guest, Robert Tellier, Bargaining Officer. 

  • Introduction of the executive members

He then continues with the introduction of the members of the MMCSSG executive members.

  • Miguel Daraîche-Leblanc, President
  • Denis Hudon, Vice-President
  • Philippe Marazzani, Secretary
  • Jean-Pierre Lavoie, Member-at-Large
  • Hugo Landry, Member-at-Large
  • Mahmoud Amer, Member-at-Large (absent)
  1. Adoption of the Minutes of the 2018 Annual General Meeting
    • The emcee gives the members a few minutes to read the Minutes of the 2018 General Meeting.
    • The emcee asks if any amendments to the Minutes are required.
    • François Pilon propose the adoption of the 2018 AGM Minutes.
    • He is seconded by Miguel Daraîche-Leblanc.
    • The emcee asks if someone demands a vote.
    • The Minutes are adopted unanimously.
  2. Business arising from the previous Minutes
    • The President talks about a resolution submitted by Pierre Gauthier for planning events highlighting the expiration of our collective agreement. The President adds that it has been done at a Happy Hour activity.
    • The President talks about a resolution submitted by Vicky Painchaud for the CS Group Executive to provide sub-groups with high-visibility promotional products. The President says we failed but Robert Tellier says the CS Group Executive has created a high-visibility cover for the back of the chair and we can ask them to provide some.
  3. President’s Report

The President welcomes the new faces and greets the known ones. He reports on the last year in this sub-group having been too quiet. Although we had an action plan, we did not succeed in organizing 4 activities. For the record, we organised one AGM and 2 Happy Hour events. Another objective of our action plan was to visit the sites where we have the most members. We organised lunch and learn meetings at Dorval site (ECCC) and Guy-Favreau Complex (Justice), but we missed 715 Peel. As collective bargaining has started, we will have pertinent information to share with our members at next year’s lunch and learn meetings. We must say there was a lack of motivation as we are still looking for a Treasurer and on top of that, we had 2 Executive meetings cancelled due to failed quorum attendance. We are hoping for a better year. Thanks to the Executive members present and absent, particularly Renaud Guiard for his long involvement with the sub-group.


  1. Treasurer’s report

The Treasurer’s report is presented by our Vice-President, Denis Hudon. Before he starts, he adds to the President’s report by saying that our members at 715 Peel are mostly teleworking. It makes it almost impossible to organise a lunch and learn meeting.

  1. Financial Statements

Denis explains why there is so much money in the bank account mentioning we did not get our allowance. The reason is insufficient expenses. Denis explains the few expenses of the year.

  1. Adoption of the 2019 budget

Denis explains the budget

  • He asks if there are any questions or if any changes are needed to the financial statements or the proposed budget.
  • Miguel proposes the adoption of the financial statements and the budget.
  • He is seconded by Jean-Pierre Lavoie.
  • Denis asks if someone demands a vote.
  • The financial statements and the budget are adopted unanimously.
  1. Statutes (changes)

The President shows the documents for the actual statutes and the proposed changes. He then explains the proposed changes.

  • The President asks if there are any questions or amendments required.
  1. The adoption of the modified statutes is proposed by Hugo Landry.
  • He is seconded by Miguel Daraîche-Leblanc.
  • The President asks if someone demands a vote.
  • The changes to the statutes are adopted unanimously.
  • New Business

The President has no new business to report.

  • Elections

Hugo Landry is appointed Election President.

  1. Treasurer, 3-year mandate. Jean-Pierre Lavoie applies. Mehdi Djazzi also applies. Jean-Pierre steps down. Mehdi Djazzi is elected by acclamation.
  2. Member-at-Large #1, 3-year mandate. Jean-Pierre Lavoie applies. He is elected by acclamation.
  3. Member-at-Large #2, 3-year mandate. Sylvain St-Germain proposes Pierre Gauthier for the position. He accepts and is elected by acclamation.
  4. Member-at-Large #3, 2-year mandate. Philippe Poudret proposes Huguette Oukouomi for the position. She accepts and is elected by acclamation.
  5. The Election President introduces the new Montreal-Metro CS Sub-Group Executive.
  1. Varia

No one raised a hand.

  1. Close of Meeting
    • The emcee proposes the close of the Meeting.
    • He is seconded by Philippe Poudret.
    • The Meeting President declares the Meeting closed.