MEETING: CSMMSG Executive Meeting


DATE: September 14, 2021




Miguel Daraîche-Leblanc, Denis Hudon, Philippe Marazzani, Pierre Gauthier Hugo Landry, Jean-Pierre Lavoie

Huguette Oukouomi


  1. Approval of the Agenda

        a. Agenda presented by the Secretary, Philippe;

        b. No additions or changes requested;

        c. Moved to approve by Pierre;

        d. Seconded by Jean-Pierre.

        e. Carried unanimously.

  1. Review and Approval of Previous MinutesI

     a. Approval of the August 16, 2021 Minutes

         i. No changes requested.

        ii. Moved to approve by Jean-Pierre;

        iii. Seconded by Pierre.

        iv. The minutes were approved unanimously.

  1. Remarks by the Executive

President’s Remarks

The president greeted all participants. It is a good time for elections: the federal government, the municipal government, the CS Group, PIPSC Executive, and it will also be our turn at our next AGM.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer reported no expenses and some minor income from bank interest.

  1. Follow-up

2106.02) All - prepare AGM. Ongoing.

2106.04) Philippe - Put the minutes of the previous meeting (February) in our shared folder. Completed.

2108.01) New action - Philippe - Put the minutes of the previous meeting (June) in our shared folder. Completed.

2108.02) New action - Miguel - Talk to Steven Frechette, (CS National Executive) and Robert Tellier about our AGM. Completed.

2108.03) New Action - All - Tell fellow members about our upcoming AGM. Ongoing.

2108.04) New action - Philippe - Schedule the next Executive meeting around September 15. Completed.

2109.01) New action - Philippe - Put the minutes of the previous meeting (August) in our shared folder. Completed.

2109.02) New action - Philippe - Pass on the 2019 AGM minutes to Miguel.

2109.03) New Action - Philip - Complete these minutes and place them in the shared folder.

2109.04) New Action - Miguel - Invite Steven Fréchette back to our upcoming AGM and ask him if he has a Zoom account to chair the elections.

  1. Topics Discussed


  • The date of October 6th is too close for everything to be ready.
  • Hugo: the invitation should be sent out this week as the email distribution at PIPSC has a 2-week delay.
  • Philippe suggested the date of October 20th for the AGM. Miguel said that we needed to gather the previous invitations, the previous agenda and the 3 important documents which are the minutes of the previous AGM, the budget and the financial statements.
  • Jean-Pierre offered to be the recording officer at the AGM. Philippe to send him the sample for a typical AGM.
  1. Other Business/Round Table

  a. Hugo announced that he will participate in the Steward Council.

  b. Pierre and Jean-Pierre reported the difficulty to bring up union matters with co-   workers.

  c. Philippe added that working from home was very individualistic and did not provide with social opportunities, such chatting about the union aroud the water cooler in the office. It signalled the end of unionism.

  d. Denis felt that the working conditions had deteriorated during the pandemic.

  e. Jean-Pierre said that nobody chit-chats anymore.

  f. Pierre reported the lack of permissions to take time off. He also felt that working conditions were deteriorating and we had no opportunities to discuss it with our co-workers. We need to find practical solutions to get members to talk to us.

  g. Denis said he was not able to take time off because he had to find a person to replace him. It made him sick to take a rest.

  1. Adjournment

Miguel thanked the participants and adjourned the meeting.