CS Metropolitan Montréal Sub-Group

Annual General Meeting

May 8, 2018


In attendance:

Denis Hudon
Hugo Landry
Miguel Daraîche-Leblanc
Philippe Marazzani
Renaud Guiard
Augustina Lainescu
Bruno Lafleur
Christian Leclerc
Dragosh Lainescu
François Hurtubise
François Pilon
Hui Yee Ho
Jenny Chong
Julien Rossignol
Karim Hallal
Laurent Martin
Pierre Gauthier
Vicky Painchaud

Guests: Robert Tellier, Pierre Touchette

Chair Hugo Landry called the meeting to order. He explained how to obtain free parking and said that the meeting would start as soon as the participants had finished ordering their meals. Hugo Landry nominated Philippe Marazzani as minute-taker. Seconded by Laurent Martin.

1. Approval of Agenda

The Chair read the agenda. He asked if there were any amendments.

Hugo Landry moved that the agenda be approved. Seconded by Vicky Painchaud. The Chair asked if anyone called the question. The agenda was approved by all.

2. Opening Remarks

Hugo Landry introduced the members of the Metropolitan Montréal Sub‑Group Executive. He then introduced the guests, Robert Tellier and Pierre Touchette.

3. Reading and Approval of 2017 AGM Minutes

The Chair allowed a few minutes to review the 2017 AGM minutes.

He asked if there were any changes to be made to the minutes.

Hugo Landry requested that the minutes be amended to reflect the fact that he was not the Meeting Chair but simply the Acting President of the Metropolitan Montréal Sub-Group. The Meeting Chair was actually Denis Hudon.

Miguel Daraîche-Leblanc moved that the 2017 minutes be approved as amended. Seconded by François Hurtubise.

The Chair asked if anyone called the question. The minutes were approved unanimously.

4. Matters Arising from the 2017 Minutes

No action required.

5. President’s Report

Miguel Daraîche-Leblanc, President of the CS Metropolitan Montréal Sub‑Group, welcomed everyone and reminded them that our Sub-Group (sic). We signed a collective agreement recently and will be entering negotiations soon for the next one. Miguel told the assembly that Treasurer Renaud Guiard had been very active in the Sub-Group over the past year as President of the Ville‑Marie Branch, as well as on the Regional Executive. Philippe Marazzani has been Secretary of this Sub-Group but also of the Ville-Marie Branch. Hugo Landry has been very involved in consultation locally but also represents the Quebec Region on PIPSC’s Information Technology Services and Projects Committee. Miguel highlighted the hard work done by Vicky Painchaud, who was a member of the Sub-Group until May 2017 and named Steward of the Year. Vicky responded that Miguel was also named Steward of the Year in the past. Miguel took an FTQ course to become a trainer for our Stewards at PIPSC.


6. Annual Financial Report

Denis introduced the Treasurer, Renaud Guiard, who presented the Sub‑Group’s financial report. Renaud informed us of the past year’s expenditures and the upcoming e. The biggest expenses were the AGM and the mobilization activities. Renaud asked for suggestions of activities and promotional items to propose. Hugo Landry asked that the suggestions be made later under “Other Business.” Miguel moved that $500 be added for promotional items. Seconded by François Hurtubise and carried unanimously.


Renaud Guiard moved to approve the financial report and the 2018-2019 budget. Hugo Landry seconded the motion.

The Chair asked if anyone called the question. The financial report and budget were adopted unanimously.

7. Election

The Chair presented Robert Tellier, who was to chair the election.

  • Vice-President: Miguel Daraîche-Leblanc nominated Denis Hudon. He accepted. No one put their name forward. Denis Hudon was elected by acclamation,
  • Three Member-at-Large positions were up for election:
    • Miguel Daraîche-Leblanc nominated Hugo Landry, who accepted the nomination.
    • Hugo Landry nominated Dragosh Lainescu, who accepted the nomination.
    • Since there were no other applicants, Hugo and Dragosh were de facto elected by acclamation.

8. Other Business

Pierre Gauthier motioned that an event be held to mark the end of the collective agreement. Miguel seconded the motion, saying it was a great idea. Robert Tellier said that Pierre Touchette was taking notes, and this would definitely be brought up at the national level. Miguel Daraîche-Leblanc proposed an amendment that this matter be brought to the national CS AGM in June on behalf of the Sub-Group. Philippe Marazzani supported Miguel. The motion was approved unanimously

Vicky proposed a motion to indicate to the National Executive that it should find some highly visible promotional items conveying the message that we want to maintain our gains, in advance of the next round of negotiations. The motion was seconded by Miguel Daraîche-Leblanc and carried unanimously. Vicky Painchaud and Dragosh Lainescu suggested some examples of promotional items. Vicky suggested an eye-catching chair back cover with a message saying our working conditions are important to us. Dragosh suggested a laptop case. Pierre Touchette asked to be sent a picture of the type of case wanted.

9. Adjournment

Since there were no more items to discuss, the Chair asked for a motion to adjourn.

Hugo Landry, seconded by Philippe Marazzani, moved to adjourn the meeting.

Carried unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned.

Hugo Landry, Chair of the AGM

Philippe Marazzani, Secretary