Minutes of the CS Montérégie Sub-Group Executive Meeting

Date: 26 September 2017

Location: Restaurant Rouge (6000 Boulevard Rome #60, Brossard, QC - J4Y 0B6)


Christian Gaboury, President

Pierre Potvin, Vice President

Erick D’ Amours, Secretary-Treasurer

François Jodoin, Member-at-Large

Fred Émond, Member-at-Large

Yves Guérin, Member-at-Large (Absent)

Jeff Héroux, Member-at-Large (Absent)

Giovanni Giolti, Member-at-Large

Guests: None

1- Opening

C Gaboury: The President welcomed the members of the Executive Committee at 6:20 p.m.

2- Adoption of the agenda

C Gaboury: moved by the President and adopted as presented.

3- Resignation of Y. Guérin

C Gaboury: The president announced that Y Guérin is retiring from his duties as member-at-large. The sub-group appointed Jeff Héroux until the next AGM where elections will be held.

4- PIPSC IT Committee

C Gaboury: As a member of PIPSC IT Committee, Christian spoke about the upcoming technological changes at PIPSC:

  • Office 365 for Institute staff, free Google Enterprise for others.
  • New PIPSC website: 1st phase just completed, the 2nd phase is scheduled for January 2018.
  • NationBuilder: a marketing campaign manager.

5- New Agreement

P. Potvin: The Vice-President mentioned that the new Agreement is now on the Treasury Board website.

6- Phoenix

F. Émond: Fred spoke about the Phoenix-related problems and retro pay in his work place.

C Gaboury: The president said that eventually union stewards will no longer have to fill in unpaid leave when they are paid by PIPSC because the government will pay for it from the dues it transfers to the Institute.

7- Opportunities at Shared Services Canada (SSC)

C Gaboury: The President has changed position and is now a CS-03 at SSC. He took the opportunity to mention that SSC is still looking to fill several positions and that it could offer great opportunities to our members.

8- Budget

E D’ Amour: The Treasurer reported a $1,000 surplus because the signing of an Agreement was expected to drag on, which was not the case.

Giolti: Giovanni suggested purchasing promotional items and planning events to keep in touch with members such as greeting members in the morning with donuts and coffee and when temperatures warm up, repeat this year’s BBQ.

9- Round Table

F Émond: Fred spoke about a case where he had to defend a member against a process of changing the language classification of a position.

P Potvin: Pierre spoke briefly about how the Employers/Unions meetings at the Department of National Defence are run.

E D’ Amours: N/A

C Gaboury: N/A

Giolti: Giovani said there have been 5 voluntary departures from the Agency in recent weeks.

F Jodoin: N/A

10- Next meeting

Date to be determined in early 2018

11- Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

President’s signature Date

Secretary's signature Date