Date: May 18, 2016
Place : Paolo Gattuso (30, boul. Taschereau, La Prairie, QC,  J5R 5H7)
Christian Gaboury, President
Pierre Potvin, Vice-President
Erick D’Amours, Secretary-Treasurer
Mario L’Heureux, Member-at-Large
Jean-Pierre Therrien, Member-at-Large
Giovanni Giolti, Member-at-Large
Francine Dumontier, Member-at-Large

Pierre Touchette, CS Group, Vice-President
Robert Tellier: CS Group Bargaining Officer

Members in Attendance: 23 Sub-Group members in good standing
1-    Opening remarks/Welcome (6:10 pm)
i.    The President thanked the members of the Montérégie CS Sub-Group for participating in its first AGM.
ii.    The President introduced the members of the Executive and announced the election that would be held later on in the evening.

2-    Approval of the agenda
The President read the agenda and asked if there were any amendments.
Moved by Étienne Jolivet
Seconded by Giovanni Giolti
The participants unanimously approved the agenda as presented.

3-    Guest introductions
i.    Robert Tellier would be giving a negotiations update.
ii.    Pierre Touchette was unable to attend due to a scheduling conflict.

4-    Approval of the 2015 AGM Minutes
i.    The President stated the previous AGM’s action items. No question from the participants.
Moved by Giovanni Giolti
Seconded by Yannick Descroix
The participants unanimously approved the minutes as presented.

5-    Business arising from the 2015 minutes
i.    None

6-    President’s Report
i.    The President presented his report for 2015 to the AGM.
Moved by Christian Gaboury (President)
Seconded by Edith Bérubé, Denis St-Jean
The participants unanimously approved the President’s Report as presented.

7-    Annual Financial Report
i.    The Secretary-Treasurer tabled the Financial Report for 2015. He explained that since the negotiations ended in 2015 and the first Sub-Group AGM had a low turnout, we spended less than expected.
ii.    The Secretary-Treasurer presented the Financial Report for 2016. He explained that last year’s surplus caused the reduction of this year’s allowance.
Moved by Erick D’Amours (Secretary-Treasurer)
Seconded by Frédéric Émond, Mario L’Heureux
The participants unanimously approved the Financial Report as presented.

8-    Election
1 Vice-President position (2 years)
Pierre Potvin
Nomination proposed by Yannick Descroix
Seconded by Frédéric Dupont

2 Member-at-Large positions (2 years)

François Jodoin
Nomination proposed by Guy Pomerleau
Seconded by Guillaume Audet

Yves Guérin
Nomination proposed by Guillaume Audet
Seconded by Giovanni Giolti

9-    By-Law Amendments
No resolution

10-    New Business
No new items were put forth.

11-    Adjournment
Moved by Frédéric Dupont
Seconded by François Jodoin
The meeting adjourned at 6:47 pm