CP Quebec City Sub-Group will be holding its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on:

May 4, 2023, at 5:00 PM

at the Quillorama Frontenac

2020 Cyrille-Duquet Street, Quebec City, G1N 2E8

Tel: (418) 681-7726x22


Please confirm your attendance online at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/billets-1ere-assemblee-sous-groupe-cp-quebec-567025196627 before April 25, 2023. A hot meal, refreshments and 2 hours of bowling will be provided free of charge, as well as free parking.




1.         Welcome and introductions

2.         Approval of the agenda

3.         President’s Address

4.         Introduction of the Executive

5.         Treasury:  Financial Statements

                               Budget Presentation

  1. Elections – see link: AGM 2023 - CP Quebec City Sub-Group - Google Disk
    1. One (1) President position
    2. One (1) Vice-President position
    3. One (1) Treasurer position
    4. One (1) Secretary position
    5. Seven (7) Member-at-large positions
  2. Approval of Constitution and By-Laws – see link: AGM 2023 - CP Quebec Sub-Group - Google Disk
  3. Lunch Break
  4. Conference: Bargaining Update

10. Miscellaneous

  a. Door prize Draw

11. Adjournment



2023 Elections

Quebec City CP Sub-Group

Call for nominations

Pursuant to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Quebec City CP Sub-Group, take notice that one (1) position of President, one (1) position of Vice-President, one (1) position of Secretary, one (1) position of Treasurer and seven (7) positions of members-at-large on the Quebec City CP Sub-Group Executive will be filled by election at the 2023 Annual General Meeting that will be held on Thursday, May 4, 2023. The President, Secretary and 4 member-at-large positions are for a 2-year term, and the Vice-President, Treasurer and 3 member-at-large positions are for a 1-year term.

Role of the Chairperson: To chair meetings and ensure that the agenda the Parliamentary proceedings and rules are followed in meetings. To represent the Sub-Group at various events.

Role of the Vice-President: To assist the President in the performance of their duties and, in the absence of the President, to perform the duties of that position.

Role of the Secretary: To send notices of meeting for the Sub-Group and Executive Sub-Group, record minutes of meetings, including attendance, maintain records and correspondence of the Sub-Group and of the Sub-Group Executive, and ensure that a copy of the minutes is sent to PIPSC. The Secretary shall also be responsible for submitting reports as required by the relevant PIPSC and CP Group By-Laws and policies.

Role of the Treasurer: To maintain the accounting books in accordance with PIPSC policies, and prepare financial statements and the annual allowance request.

Role of the members-at-large: To participate in the Executive meetings (one weeknight or lunchtime, approximately 4 times a year) and to pass on information received to their colleagues.

Nominations can be submitted in writing (an email will do) before April 3, 2023, or taken from the floor at the AGM. A person who wishes to apply but cannot be present must have confirmed in writing that their willingness to do so. Nominations have to be submitted by a member in good standing and seconded by another member in good standing. Nominations should all be sent to the Elections Committee (chaired by Guy Abel).

Example of nomination:     


Subject: Nomination to the Quebec City CP Sub-Group elections

Message: Please find attached the nomination of First Name Last Name to the  X position submitted by First Name Last Name and seconded by First Name Last Name.