Minutes of the CP Quebec Sub-group

                                             2023 AGM


Québec City — May 4, 2023


Andrée Doucet

Martin Fournier

Guy Abel

Lyne Larocque

Alain Bérubé - alain_berube@hotmail.com

Joanie Godin

Patrick Beaupré

Jean-Philippe Dufault

Vanessa Chekem

Sylvie Laperrière

Denis Arsenault

Welcome by Lyne Larocque and unanimous adoption of the agenda. 

Introduction of the temporary executive


  • Presented, budget adopted unanimously

Approval of the bylaws

  • Proposal to change the term of office of the executive from 2 years to 3 years by the interim president: carried unanimously (Bylaw 6.3 establishes a term of 3 years)
  • No comment


  • Managed by Guy Abel, presentation of the different positions, presentation and description of the role of each position.

Are elected as: 

  • President: Martin Fournier,
  • Vice-President: Lyne Larocque,
  • Secretary: Vanessa Chekem,
  • Treasurer: Jean-Philippe Dufault, 
  • Members-at-large:
  • Patrick Beaupré
  • Joanne Godin

Information about negotiations

Made by Andrée. Informs that they have shared their non-wage position, 2 sessions with the employer to date, informs that they have made progress including changing the name of the group. Requests 3 days of preventive leave, begins to send elements for sick leave, informs that they have not yet given their monetary position. Note that the Alliance went on strike and they didn’t get what they asked for, with some groups asking members not to accept the offer.

Adjournment: 7:05 p.m.