CMN Bargaining Update

Your Bargaining Team is pleased to announce that a tentative agreement was reached with the employer on December 20, 2021. The parties met multiple times between 21 April 2021 and 20 December 2021 and concluded a renewal Collective Agreement on behalf of the PIPSC bargaining unit at the Canadian Museum of Nature, renewing the terms and conditions of employment for all included employees.

Please find below the list of matters agreed to. They are provided here in an abbreviated format. You may read the full changes in the attached documents here


You will be receiving instruction on the vote early in the New Year. Your Bargaining Team is recommending acceptance of the tentative agreement.


  1. The PAY grid, each minimum and maximum will be increased by 1.64% each year for the four years.

Appendix A - Salary Range

1-Oct-18 Economic Increase 1.64%

1-Oct-19 Economic Increase 1.64%

1-Oct-20 Economic Increase 1.64%

1-Oct-21 Economic Increase 1.64%

  1. Full-time Employees of the bargaining unit who are actively on strength (including those on paid or unpaid leave) shall be entitled to a $ 2,000 signing bonus to be paid within 4 weeks of the ratification of the new Collective Agreement.
  2. E7.01 the Chief Scientist will be assigned for a period not to exceed five (5) years that will begin on the date of appointment. In addition to their regular salary, they will receive a $10,000 per year allowance, which is deemed to be part of the employee’s salary.
  3. A5.01 t) "weekly rate of pay" means an employee's annual rate of pay divided by 52 whereas before it was 52.176;
  4. G1.06 Employees will receive Acting Pay after three (3) days, whereas prior to this it was six (6) days and will vary between 3% and 10% of base pay depending the position being replaced. 
  5. B3.01 Designated Holidays will be increased to include the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.
  6. B2.03 Hours of Work at least twenty-four (24) hours notice of any requirement for the performance of overtime & Employees may refuse the request for overtime.
  7. B7.01 Technology


New - Given the specific data and computational requirements for research and collection curation (i.e. software, hardware, data storage, file sharing, networks, journals, scientific equipment) the Employer agrees to meet with the Institute at least once per year to discuss the technological needs of the employees, including any requests for new technology, to share concerns regarding the current technological tools available to employees, IT support and the service providers, and to propose technological ideas or solutions that will facilitate the work of employees.


The Employer will provide timely responses to requests for new tools, installation or updating of required software and hardware.  When an employee has been advised that their request has been approved, they can obtain an estimated timeline for providing any approved tools and updated timelines should they change.


  1.  C5.01 Maternity and Parental Leave without Pay was updated to all for extended leaves for up to 78 weeks.
  2. C12.01  New Leave for Victims of Family Violence Every employee who is a victim of family violence shall be granted a leave of absence from employment of up to seventy-five (75) hours in every calendar year.
  3. C12.03 B Professional Development was modified to include;

i)  the Employer may allocate a set amount of professional development funds for each employee, to be used for the purpose of the professional development activities

ii)  Professional development funds may be spent on other expenses (e.g. professional society memberships, books)

iii)  Employees may carry over up to $ 5,000 of their unused allocated professional development funds, including those allocated in previous fiscal years, into the next fiscal year.

  1. F3.01 Clarifying the definition of Field and Sea Research for the Allowance research means research and research-related activities conducted in the natural environment as opposed to those conducted in a laboratory, office or indoor setting.
  2. Classification and Promotion of Museum Research Scientists was updated as were the application forms.
  3. The Classification and Promotion of Curators was updated as were the application forms