This message is intended for all CFIA veterinarians who hold or have held the position of Supervisory Veterinarian, (#59688), previously rated at VM-02.

In June 2021, we went to adjudication to challenge the new 2019 work description for the Supervisory Veterinarian position (#59688) because it was illegal and contrary to the grievance process. In her decision, dated November 12, 2021, Adjudicator Perreault agreed with us. She ordered the CFIA to classify the 2016 work description (dated September 9, 2016) as it was written and to provide the point rating, allotted by factor, within six months. Here is the link to the decision:

The CFIA has classified the 2016 work description and has begun sending the classification decision to the Supervisory Veterinarians who grieved in 2011. As you can see, the classification level remains the same.

If you receive such a decision from the CFIA, please forward it immediately to Émilie Gagné at

We are currently in the process of preparing a communication on who should file a classification grievance. This communication will include the procedure to follow. This will be forthcoming very soon as we have only 35 calendar days to file classification grievances.

Should you have questions, please reach out to Valérie Coupal at or Sean Marshall at

In solidarity,
CFIA-VM Group Executive