At the hearing at the last level in June 2016, CFIA has added many changes to some work descriptions. Many members have spoken to us about how they can join the process.

The only way to benefit from the results of this grievance is to trigger the process for the content grievance.

This information is addressed to you if you are a VM and you have not grieved the content of your job description during the 2011 campaign or have changed positions since your grievance of 2011.

Here is the procedure:

  1. You must write to your supervisor and ask him in writing (e-mail) the following text:


Pursuant to Article E1.01 of my collective agreement, I request an official, complete and current statement of the duties and responsibilities of my position, including the position's classification level and the point rating allocated by factor and the organization chart depicting the position's place in the organization.

I ask that this statement be given to me within 14 calendar days.

Thank you,

Your name

2- If after the deadline you have or have not received your job description, you have 35 calendar days to file a content grievance.

Filing your content grievance will be the only way to receive retroactivity associated with a new job description and reclassification.

In the appendix is ​​an Individual Grievance Presentation form partially completed.

SECTION 1. A: Enter your personal information.

SECTION 1. B: Choose the option as appropriate.

SECTION 1.C: Enter the date on which you received your job description, or the 14 calendar days after the initial application was sent to your supervisor if you did not receive it.

SECTION 1.D: Enter the date in the text of the initial application to your supervisor. Sign your name and enter the date.


Sign YOUR NAME and print in block letters "FOR VALÉRIE COUPAL". Enter the date of signature.

3-Scan your form and email it to your supervisor and send the original form by mail.

HR will send me the final copy with the reference number of your grievance in the top right.

You will also receive the final copy by e-mail.  Please forward me your final copy so I can make sure that I have received all of the grievances, to: valerie.coupal@inspection.gc.ca

4- In the appendix is also a Grievance Transmission Form. It is partially filled as well.

Here is what you will need to write on this form BUT only send it to your supervisor WHEN I GIVE YOU THE GO AHEAD:

1- Write the reference number of your grievance at the top right. I will advise you at what level we are transmitting your grievance in section 1.

2- Enter your personal information, sign and date section 2.

3- Sign YOUR NAME and print in block letters "FOR VALÉRIE COUPAL" in section 3.

You will send it to your supervisor by following the same procedure as your grievance.

If you require additional information or have any questions, please contact Valérie Coupal, at coupalv22@gmail.com