Hello Folks,

Here are some news from the Quebec S&A Sub-Group Executive!

A second round of labour-management consultations has just been concluded for the year 2022.  As mentioned in the previous message, at the end of each round, we share with you the highlights, as well as general information.

Supervision of VMs and SRs (cont’d)

The union asked questions directly to Vice President Philippe Morel at the last national union/management meeting on the issue of VM and SR supervision and we will have a detailed response “shortly.”  Our main concern is the non-reciprocity of the principle that a VM cannot be supervised by a SR, which could lead to the disappearance of supervisory positions or to SRs being trapped in mixed teams with a VM supervisor without any possibility of promotion.  At this point, the information we are receiving seems to indicate a willingness to separate VMs and SRs by creating new supervisory positions (SR or VM) as needed, but we have asked for confirmation of the national policy in this regard.


Allocation of SR-02 Acting Positions

We questioned the directors of each Quebec region on their policies for staffing SR-02 acting positions, as we wanted to verify that these policies were consistent and in line with the staffing principles.  We were reassured about the practices, as although each region uses slightly different approaches, all were found to be acceptable.  However, we recommended to Quebec senior management that a targeted process be put in place for all of Quebec to avoid the complications of overly large and cumbersome basins, such as national basins, while retaining the precision and fluidity of local targeted processes.  Management has been very open to these recommendations.


The relief of the SRs

Members have recently reported to stewards that their supervisor has had to turn down acting assignments at higher levels because he was unable to replace them.  We have expressed our concerns about this to senior management and have asked them to ensure that relief is created for the SR-02 positions.  Specialization or competence must not become a trap.  Also, if the SR-02 positions are not attractive, we should try to understand why and make adjustments.  Management confirms that these refusals are made reluctantly and are only temporary.  The idea is to allow for assignment, but sometimes this is not possible immediately, so that the replacement can be smooth.  We invite you to report such situations to us.


A new steward

We are pleased to announce that Nathalie Langlois is now officially a steward at the Institute!  Congratulations Nathalie and welcome to the Quebec team!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or questions!

Have a great summer!


Your Quebec SR Sub-Group EC—PIPSC

Julie Bourque, Judith Gagnon, Nathalie Langlois and Hugo Fréchette