Hello everyone!

Some news from the Québec Region S&A Sub-Group Executive!

A second round of labour/management consultations has just been concluded for 2022. At the
end of each round, we share with you the highlights, as well as general information.

Supervision of VMs and SRs (cont’d)

Our concern is that a VM member cannot be supervised by a SR member but it is acceptable that
a SR member be supervised by a VM member. This may lead to SR supervisory positions
disappearing and some SR members being trapped in mixed teams supervised by a VM member
with no opportunity for career advancement: a career dead end. At this point, the information we
are receiving seems to indicate a willingness to separate VMs and SRs by creating new
supervisory positions (SR or VM) as needed. Earlier this year, we requested confirmation of this
national policy from the Vice-President of Operations, but we are yet to receive a clear answer.
This issue will therefore remain at the top of the Group's priority list.

We (the Sub-Group) have also expressed our serious concerns about this issue to the managers in
Québec and will continue to do so. At this point, the Québec managers seem fine with the co-
existence of mixed teams, although they say they are “exploring” the issue. This matter is being
monitored very closely.

SR tasks vs VM tasks

The VM and SR stewards agree on one principle: positions that involve veterinary procedures
should be staffed by VMs, and positions that do not involve them should be staffed by SRs.
There are positions currently held by VMs that should be held by SRs (example: livestock
feeding specialist at COQ). When we become aware of this sort of anomaly, we immediately
alert Management, demand corrective action and follow-up on the situation.

Here too, Quebec Management said they were looking into some of the positions that have been
criticized. This matter is being monitored very closely.

Return to the Workplace

The Return to the Workplace strategy that has been implemented by Management has created
confusion. Management’s very open approach over the past several months has led many to
believe that they could be teleworking 5 days a week for the rest of their careers. However, this
is not what Management has chosen to do. For example, some members are required to be in the
office 2 days a week, while for others, it’s 3 days a week.

A few members contacted us (your Executive) to know if PIPSC was consulted regarding this
and what we intend to do. Here is our answer:

Telework was never a right, but a privilege before the pandemic. It became a requirement during
the pandemic, and is a privilege again now that the pandemic is “behind us”. Our Union was not
consulted as such on the Return to the Workplace strategy. We have been kept up to date on the
basics, along with you and most managers. During the meetings with the employer, we have
emphasized the importance of a clear and flexible strategy that maximizes the opportunities for
teleworking. However, the Return to the Workplace strategy was developed entirely by

We know that some of you are dissatisfied with the hybrid model that was pushed on you. If you
are in this situation, and regardless of the hybrid model used for your position, we encourage you
to comply. Failure to do so could be construed as insubordination with severe consequences.
Instead, try to convince Management to change the rules by seeking support from your team and
discussing the situation with your Manager. Of course, you can ask a Steward to help you should
these discussions be difficult.

The 2022 AGM is coming up!

Time flies and more than a year has already passed since the last AGM, on October 21, 2021. In
December, you will receive an invitation to the 2022 AGM, which will be held on Thursday,
January 26, 2023, from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. Like the last time, this AGM will be held virtually.
It is critical that new people join our Executive and become Stewards, because without new
blood you will be very poorly defended after the planned departure of some of us in a few years.
If you have been contemplating getting a little more involved in your union, now would be the
perfect time!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or questions!
Happy end of fall to all of you!

Your Québec Region SR Sub-Group Executive — PIPSC
Julie Bourque, Judith Gagnon, Nathalie Langlois and Hugo Fréchette