Welcome to the new CFIA-S&A Prairies Subgroup,

On behalf of the first Executive of the Subgroup, we would like to say Welcome! We are pleased to announce that the PIPSC CFIA-S&A Prairies Subgroup was certified by the Institute’s Board of Directors earlier this fall.  



Upon certification, all regular and retired members of the CFIA-S&A Group in the Prairies/NWT Region also became members of the subgroup. You, and over 150 members like you make up the subgroup. We work from more than nine main work sites including four laboratories across the Prairies. Our members work in seven CFIA branches across all three business lines. Our membership is occupationally diverse and we are looking forward to the opportunities that provides us for networking and collaboration!



The primary role of your subgroup is to advance and promote your professional interests by determining your views and by providing a Regional voice for the S&A membership on the Prairies. Our unified voice will serve to communicate your views relative to:

  • your bargaining priorities,
  • the protection of the status and standards of your professions,
  • any workplace matter or concern affecting large segments or the entirety of the membership

Essential to the effectiveness of your subgroup is an engaged membership. That is why our other main functions will be focused on member and steward engagement and collaboration. Part of the engagement plans will include the formation of networks for members and stewards as well as the creation of various forums where you and other members can discuss the workplace matters that are most important to you.



Your first 11-member executive includes members from all three prairie provinces, from at least 7 main worksites including two laboratories and from across multiple CFIA Branches. The executive is composed of both stewards and regular members. This diversity ensures that your executive has the first hand workplace knowledge to better understand your priorities and the workplace issues that are affecting you. We hope that this will assure you that we are always accessible to you. Your executive is committed to serving the interests all subgroup members regardless of whether we are from your workplace or CFIA branch. 

On the webpage, you will find the names of the 11 volunteer members who make up the first subgroup Executive. Chances are you know some of us already! If you don’t know us, please feel free to reach out to us to tell us about your ideas and find out how you can get involved!



The ongoing involvement of S&A stewards from the Prairies Region will be essential to the effectiveness of the subgroup.  We are committed to working with all stewards on the issues affecting the membership. In collaboration with stewards we will be looking at ways we can work to share information and strengthen communication through a new steward network.



This subgroup will be an active constituent body. We invite all members to contribute by letting us know how you think this subgroup should operate. More importantly, we need to find out about the matters affecting you and your jobs because in order to voice the views of the membership, we need to hear from you first.  Your participation in surveys, learning initiatives, networks and forums for discussion is needed. Also, in the coming weeks, we will set out processes by which you can contact us and share your ideas. Watch for volunteer opportunities as we are committed to involving the membership on an ongoing basis.


On behalf of the subgroup executive, we sincerely thank you for your support as we continue to define our functions and to integrate into the S&A Group structure We look forward to supporting you and your professional interests in the months ahead. 


In solidarity, 


Craig Lanning                                        Dr. Ruojing Wang

President                                               Vice President

CFIA-S&A Prairies Subgroup                CFIA-S&A Prairies Subgroup