Meeting participants will:

  • Honor the speaker' list
  • Allow each person to speak before speaking a second time on an issue
  • Actively listen when someone is .speaking, focusing on the discussion
  • Turn off cell phones
  • Stay in the room while meeting is in session
  • Respect all communication styles and personalities (ADDED: refrain from profanity)
  • Keep comment brief, to the point and prepare arguments appropriately
  • Be hard on issues and soft on people
  • Submit agenda items in a timely manner, including supporting documents
  • Have last minute agenda items placed at the end of the agenda, to be heard only if time permits, unless otherwise considered an emergency
  • Refrain from sidebar discussions

All concerns and opinions of participants should be shared without getting personal, even when not in agreement with direction taken. The S&A executives group should be a united body, working as a team, in a respectful and civil manner, for the better of all S&A members and the PIPSC.