CFIA S&A 2019 - Amendments proposed by Executive

APPENDIX A: By the Group Executive


8.1 Annual General Meeting

8.1.1 The Annual General Meeting of the Group is its governing body. Only Regular members are entitled to attend.

8.1.2 The Group Executive shall call an Annual General Meeting of the Group once each calendar year. The interval between such meetings shall not exceed fifteen (15) months. Members shall be notified of the meeting and of any proposed changes to this constitution at least four (4) weeks prior to the date of the meeting.

8.1.3 Delegates Only Regular members shall be eligible to attend and speak at General Meetings of the Group. Only delegates shall be entitled to move or second motions or resolutions and to vote at General Meetings. The Institute Policies determine the number of Delegates. Each member of the Group Executive shall be a delegate. The Group Executive, in consultation with the Sub Groups Executive, shall appoint and/or approve delegates to the AGM. Alternates Any delegate may be represented by an alternate who shall be approved by the Group Executive, in consultation with the Sub Groups Executive. The alternate shall be entitled to vote and take part as though he/she were a delegate. No person shall carry more than one (1) vote.

8.1.34 Quorum Fifty percent (50%) of the members delegates in attendance at the beginning of the meeting shall constitute a quorum.

8.1.4 5 Agenda The agenda shall include the following items:

Approval of the Agenda

Adoption of the Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting

Business Arising from the Minutes

Report of the President

Annual Financial Report

Approval of Budget

Report of the Elections Committee

New Business, including Proposed By-Law Amendments

8.1.5 6 Voting on Motions All Regular members Only delegates present at the Annual General Meeting are eligible to vote. Voting shall normally be by a show of hands and each member delegate shall have one (1) vote. Decisions shall be by a simple majority vote.

8.1.6 7 Filing of Documents Each year following the Annual General Meeting, the Group Executive shall submit a copy of the draft AGM minutes, the annual financial report and the elections report to the Office of the Executive Secretary of the Institute prior to the end of the calendar year.

8.2 Special General Meetings

8.2.1 A Special General Meeting of the Group shall be called by the Group Executive or at the written request of at least 10% of the Group members. This meeting shall be held within six (6) weeks of such call or request.

8.2.2 Only the matter(s) for which the Special General Meeting was called shall appear on the agenda.

8.2.3 The same requirements shall apply to the notice, quorum, governance, attendance and voting at Special General Meetings as are prescribed for the Annual General Meeting.