Your Bargaining Team is pleased to announce that on January 24, 2018 a Tentative Agreement was signed with the Employer, completing this round of negotiations. The team was successful in fending off major hours of work concessions proposed by the employer and in advancing many of the IN groups issues, including;

  • Expanded definition and parameters of use for family related leave, bereavement leave and personal leave
  • Improved language on career development
  • More protections during technological change and contracting out
  • Increased benefits under the Employment Transition Policy
  • Inclusion of the MOA to modernize sick leave
  • Easier accounting for leave without pay for members on union business
  • Overall increase of 6% over the life of the agreement for all
  • Removal of the first two steps on the pay grid for classifications CS-02 to CS-05 as of June 1, 2016
  • Additional 2% to the max rate of pay for the CS-01 as of June 1, 2016

We thank all the members of the IN Group for their patience and support during these negotiations.

The tentative agreement will be summarized in detail shortly for the member’s review in preparation for ratification.