Dear PIPSC-CFIA members,
Your IN, S&A and VM Bargaining Teams have established a PIPSC CFIA Central Bargaining Team to deal
with common issues for all 3 groups and - hopefully - expedite the collective bargaining process.

The PIPSC CFIA Central Bargaining Team (composed of IN, S&A, and VM members) met with the
employer on October 17-18, 2023, for our first official bargaining round. At this session, each side
presented their respective initial proposals.

The scope of issues for consideration by the Central Table is meant to be common and present
improvements for all 3 collective agreements – issues that would benefit from a strategically unified
approach for advancement by all 3 groups. In parallel, the 3 individual bargaining teams will meet with
the employer separately to address group-specific issues.

Our first central table session yielded progress on some key issues shared between the 3 CFIA groups and the
employer. We are optimistic that this momentum will continue as our discussions move forward to some of
the more contested topics and issues.
Our next negotiating session with the employer is tentatively scheduled for December 19/20, 2023.

In solidarity,

Central Bargaining Team Members

  • IN (Alain Parent and Spencer Underwood)
  • S&A (Fred Jamieson and Hussein Hussein)
  • VM (Sean Marshall and Cheick Sidibé)

PIPSC Negotiators: Cara Ryan (S&A), Franco Amato (VM), and Robert Séguin (IN)