The CCC PIPSC Bargaining Team met with Management on May 9th, 2017 to explore the possibility of extending the current collective agreement by one year. The format used for this meeting was a contract “re-opener” – which is a meeting that exists outside the formal collective bargaining framework based on a narrowed-down set of priorities. In this case we were only looking at pay, duration and some minor administrative changes to maternity leave based on new legislation that came into effect in the New Year.

Based on the outcome of the meeting, the Employer is prepared to offer a 1.25% economic increase as of June 20, 2017. The changes would result in a new expiry date of June 19th 2018. The Bargaining Team was advocating for more but the Employer’s position was clear, in order to go ahead with this accelerated format for bargaining, they were only able to offer 1.25% for 2017 – the same increase agreed to in the core public administration.

The informal format we used for the meeting has provided us with a unique opportunity. We are in a position where we can gain input from you on a possible outcome before the bargaining process officially begins. On May 17th we will be holding a meeting at 11:30 am in Confederation Rooms A & B (2nd Floor) to discuss the possibility of extending the term of collective agreement by one year. The central purpose of the meeting will be to hold a vote. This vote won’t have legal implications but it will provide the bargaining team with direction and determine whether or not we move forward with this proposed deal or begin the normal collective bargaining process.

If you have any questions, please direct them to the PIPSC CCC Group Bargaining Team