I have resigned from FNHA—my last day of work will be March 1, 2019.

I am currently serving my 3rd term as President of the BCFNHA PIPSC Group. 

Since the inception of the BCFNA PIPSC group in 2013 Kellie Moorman and myself have held Executive positions as well as taking on membership in the LMC (Labour-Management Consultation) and JOSH (Joint Occupation and Safety) Committees.  In addition, Kellie and myself were part your Bargaining Team that negotiated our last 2 collective agreements. I would like to formally thank Kellie for her continuous involvement and support.  

We have had the benefit of a few members being involved and taking on Vice President, Secretary, Member a Large and committee positions for shorter periods.  Involvement came to an end with retirement, resignation and members stating that they did not have time for union involvement due to personal reasons.  For their interest and time, I would lie to acknowledge member involvement in our union and thank these members.

Upon my departure from FNHA there will be gaps in our BCFNHA Executive and committee member involvement.  Kellie has agreed to stay on and complete her term as Treasurer until November 2019.

I urge every member to think seriously about taking on a position.  We need members to take on Executive positions and for Committee work with the employer.  As well, we are in need of stewards for our group.  

I will be arranging a teleconference in the next few weeks to discuss succession planning for the executive, committees and stewards.  In the meantime- if you are interested in accepting a position please contact me at trasatti@telus.net.  

The union gives us an excellent opportunity to look after our jobs. We can be directly involved in negotiating work conditions that are fair and progressive.  These conditions are written into a legally binding collective agreement.  The union also gives us the opportunity to sit on committees that can promote better communication, mutual respect and understanding with management.

It has been a pleasure to represent FNHA PIPSC members over the past 5 years.  My experiences with BCFNHA Executive members and with PIPSC support staff have been rewarding.  I have learned so much.     


Sharon Trasatti

BCFNHA Group President