The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

Hello members,

We hope to see all of you at the upcoming Health Education Forum in Vancouver. We'd love to connect with you and share ideas on how the new executive can be of value to you.


Union events at HEF dates and times:

On November 23, from 430-630 pm, at the Pinnacle, we will be holding the BCFNHA Annual General Meeting (with free drinks/appies and swag).

On November 30th, from 430-630 pm, at the Pinnacle, we're hosting a meet and greet with a recap of the AGM (free drinks/appies and swag.)


There will also be a BCFNHA booth on both November 23rd and the 30th – please drop by with any questions and concerns.


Did you know…? Every PIPSC member is entitled to a volunteer day! This is in addition to the personal day, but it is not listed in your leave entitlements. You can find the coding in the drop down menu in myFNHA. You are entitled to 7.5 hours each fiscal year. Your volunteer day does NOT roll over to the next fiscal year, so we encourage you to use it! Article:16.20 (page 52) -->FNHA-PIPSC-Collective-Agreement March 2023.pdf - Google Drive


Contact us...BCFHNHA Executive Contact  - Reilly Kluss