Dear members,

It is both an honor and incredibly humbling to be elected to represent you at the national level as we move into this exciting time when PIPSC will celebrate its 100th year anniversary! I am looking forward to representing you and advancing AV Group issues that affect us in the BC/Yukon Region.

I owe a special thanks to Jean Laberge who has represented the BC/Yukon region with integrity and diligence. Thank you Jean!

Sub-group updates:

The North Central Vancouver Island (NCVI) Subgroup located in Nanaimo, will welcome Rob MacDonald, PIPSC BC/Yukon Regional Director on October 3rd for a lunch and learn session. Rob will talk about pay and engagement, and lay the groundwork for a future session on how grievances work. On October 18th, Peter Gabriel, AV Group President, will present at their lunch and learn to update on bargaining negotiations and the EWSP.

The Vancouver Subgroup welcomes Peter Gabriel, AV Group President, on October 19th to present an update on bargaining negotiations and the EWSP at their lunch and learn.

The South Vancouver Island (SVI) AV Subgroup 1st Annual General Meeting (AGM) is scheduled for October 18, 5:30 to 6:30 pm for the ratification of the subgroup bylaws and to hold the election for the executive at the Pacific Forestry Center in Victoria, BC; an invitation email from PIPSC will follow requiring members to RSVP. Another special thanks to our interim executive including Christine Cress, Laura Muller, Anita Blais and Bronwen Grieve for their efforts in making re-establishing this subgroup a pleasure. Members who wish to run for any position should review the PIPSC bylaws that govern the formation of Subgroups and then the AV Group bylaws section 4.1 regarding elections to the executive.

If you wish to have a voice as a Steward, or wish to start a Sub-group in your local area, please do not hesitate to contact me directly or our subgroup coordinators, or

I want to hear from you! Your comments and feedback are valuable contributions in shaping the content and approaches to collective bargaining, management consultation and the union itself. Please contact me directly to discuss workplace-related topics of interest to you and your colleagues.

In Solidarity and with kind regards,


Angela Cowie

South Vancouver Island AV Sub-group I/President