AV Gatineau Subgroup draft Minutes, Elections Report and Finance Approved Budget for 2020


Draft Minutes from July 11 2019 Gatineau Subgroup Annual General Meeting 

8.1.4 Agenda The agenda shall include the following items:

  1. Call to Order / A minute of silence for members who have passed away  during the past year
  2. Approval of the Agenda: Minutes - Moved by Peter Gabriel, Second by Ray Paquette. Approved.
  3. Adoption of the Minutes of the previous Annual General meeting 2018



Minutes - Moved by Peter Gabriel, second by Hong Felix Xu

  1. Business Arising from the Minutes. Minutes - None
  2. Report of the President – Peter Gabriel

Minutes - President Peter Gabriel provided an update on the membership events from the previous year; BBQ and Christmas events in 2018, plus Ice Cream and also several lunch and learns. Also, a Group Bargaining update was provided.

  1. Annual Financial Report 2019– Treasurer - Gord Sanford

Treasurer provided Financial Report from 2019.

7. Approval of Budget 2020– Treasurer - Gord Sanford

Minutes: Treasurer moved acceptance of 2020 Budget, second by Olivia Leung. Approved.


Report of the Elections Committee (see Annex A)

Annex A - Appointment of Elections Committee; turn meeting over to chair of the election committee


Committee Members: Shaila Singh, Olivia Leung, Valerie Nyguyen and Natalia Kim


Election Report following the AGM 2019:

  • President and Treasurer - each for a two-year term (2019-2021)

Peter Gabriel Acclaimed for two year term 2019-2021

Gord Sanford Acclaimed for two year term 2019-2012


  • Vice-President – to replace VP Andree Doucet remainder term, who is now working in Ottawa, for a 1 Year Term 2019-2020

Ray Paquette elected to 1 year term 2019-2020

Alex Lamoureux nominated and accepted. Finished 2nd.

  • 1 Member-at-Large position for a two-year term (2019-2021)

Hong Xu acclaimed to two year term 2019-2021.


All remaining positions are up for election in June 2020.


  1. New Business, including any By-Law Amendments

Minutes: None

  1. Draws/Wrap-up/Adjournment

Minutes: Draws were held and members were given AV Group Logo Lunch Bags


Minutes Completed.