Hello Members across Canada and Washington DC, USA....the Group is now recruiting members to start new subgroups (or other union terminology called "Locals") in your work region.

We are now getting ready to sign the Collective Bargaining Agreement in August, then in the fall, we will be focusing on regions where we do not have an official subgroup. This mobilization and visibility initiative is an opportunity to get more members involved in organized labour relations, and to have your voice heard at the national level.

We are looking to create subgroups in Regions such as Quebec City, Halifax, Windsor, Southern Ontario, Kingston, Kitchener and Waterloo, in the province of Alberta, Calgary and Edmonton and also in Regina. And any other location where we have members, such as our PG's at PSPC in Washington DC, USA.

To all members where you are not in a subgroup, you are not forgotten and are indeed represented. You have a voice and we want to support you.


The aim of the Sub-Group shall be to act within the jurisdiction of the Sub-Group to further the professional interests of its members, to protect the status and standards of their profession and to formulate and express the views of the members on matters affecting them. The Sub-Group Executive shall inform the national Audit, Commerce and Purchasing Group Executive of the concerns of the Sub-Group relative to collective bargaining.

The Group subgroup coordinator is Vice-President James Bright. 

If interested in learning more about what is involved and how to create a subgroup, please contact James Bright 

If interested, please get 5 pledges from your work area, fill out the form attached, and send it in to James Bright 

Better Together!

James Bright

Vice-President and Subgroup Coordinator

Audit, Commerce and Purchasing Group