The detailed steps listed below must be followed when requesting/submitting leave with pay for union business as per the following clauses of the various PIPSC collective agreements:

  • SH: 30.02, 30.10, 30.11, 30.13, 30.14(a)
  • RE: 32.02, 32.10, 32.11, 32.13, 32.14(a)
  • AV: 30.02, 30.10, 30.11, 30.13, 30.14(a)
  • NR: 31.02, 31.10, 31.11, 31.13, 31.14(a)
  • SP: 31.02, 31.10. 31.11, 31.13, 31.14(a)

Steps / Performed by

1. Authorize participation in union activity / The Institute  National Office

1.1 Provide signed-off Union Authorization Letter (electronically) to the member authorizing their participation in a union activity for which a leave with pay is to be requested under the clauses specified above.

1.2. The Union Authorization Letter will state full contact coordinate and invoicing information of the Institute. It will also state a Union identifier code for invoicing purposes.

2. Request leave / The Employee authorized to participate in one of the union activities at step 1

2.1 Enter leave request in Leave management system using code 641 and submit electronic copy of the Union Authorization Letter to his/her delegated manager.

2.2 In the leave management system comment box, indicate the union activity for which the leave is requested, as well as the applicable clause of the collective agreement. Also indicate the Union identifier code provided by the Institute on the Union authorization letter.

3. Approving / denying leave / The Delegated Manager of the employee requesting leave at step 2

3.1 Review Union Authorization Letter for accuracy and eligibility.

3.2 Ensure compliance regarding level of HR delegation as per the departmental delegation instrument of HR authorities.

3.3 Ensure compliance with collective agreement parameters (some of these clauses remain subject to operational requirements.)

3.4 Approve or deny leave in leave system. If approved, send the Union Authorization Letter to Corporate Labour Relations.

4. Prepare Leave Usage Report / Corporate Labour Relations

4.1 Print bi-monthly reports of code 641 transactions for your Department.

January 1 – February 28,

March 1 – April 30,


4.2 Send Leave Report with Union Authorization Letter to Finance for preparation of invoicing.

5. Invoice the Institute / Finance – Accounts Receivables (National)

5.1 Calculate amount to be invoiced to union.

5.2 The Employee Benefits Plan (EBP) rate will be 6%.

5.3 Prepare invoices for the Institute using the union identifier code and billing address included in the Union Authorization Letter.

5.4 Send invoices with Union Authorization Letter to the Institute. Include a contact name for the Institute to contact if required.

5.5 Apply payment against invoice once received.