Executive Meeting
8 June, 2017
Hilton, Lac Lemay

In attendance - Position
Ray Paquette - President
Lynn Morris - Secretary
Peter Gabriel - Vice-President   
Raymond Poon - Treasurer
Margaret Bigras - NCR
Jacques Laperrier - Quebec
David Chu - Atlantic
Jean Laberge - BC/Yukon
Darlene McKay - Prairies/NWT
Andrew Wigmore - Member-at-Large
Jennifer Mollins - Member-at-Large


Sonny Moran - Member-at-Large

1.  Opening remarks The President called the meeting to order and welcomed all. Ray told Execustives that Matthew won a promotion in a new Group, so has resigned from our Executive.

2.  Approval of Agenda as amended
Moved –Marg  2nd Peter - carried

3.  Approval of Minutes as amended
Moved- Raymond, 2nd Andrew - carried

4.  Follow up of Action Items from previous minutes
Done – David to send me written report

President’s Report - Ray Paquette

Lots of developments since end of Bargaining

  • Calls about retro pays now
  • Ray, Marg & Terry Sing met about 600 PG’s at PIPSC Booth at CIPMM
  • New Subgroups formed
  • AV AGM Saturday, Youth initiative is theme
  • A video from Debbie will be played at AGM    

Finance - Raymond Poon
(Lynn, Jennifer)

Allowance for 2017 received last month
Raymond asked Subgroups and Regional reps to think about plan for this year and send in a proposals

Finance report moved Raymond, 2nd Darlene approved

Note:  PIPSC is giving training to all constituent bodies on the new Finance template.  You will need to contact PIPSC

Note:  No gift cards or cash are allowable expenses for a gift
Sub-Group - Peter Gabriel
( Jacques, Andrew)

Sub-Group Reports received and posted in Virtual Binder
Fredericton, Moncton, and St. John’s formed Sub-Groups.
Motion by Peter:  For Peter and someone else to go to Toronto June 28th to  help start a new Downtown Subgroup.  Travel and Salary comp - $3K
2nd Andrew – Carried
ACTION ITEM. Committee to write up an action for Moncton to get the Subgroup involved. Finalize details with Moncton and ensure execs by June 15 with costs and plan    

Regional Reports - Ray Paquette (Lynn, Raymond)

All Regional Reports in and posted in Virtual Binder

NCR - Marg
another movie night
L & L in fall on Bill C27, retro pay, Sick leave
Pair with Centreville for BBQ
Steward event and invite Gatineau

Atlantic - David
Next week. Coffee & donuts for Public Service week
Will be helping all new Subgroups run their 1st  AGM

Pacific -Jean
Was just at Regional Council - Victoria wants to revise the Subgroup
Discussions on bargaining for next round
Visibility for large Region

Western - Darlene
Get her notes

Quebec - Jacques
Working with subgroups to get more people
Communications & AV Web Site - Sonny Moran (David, Darlene, Jacques)

Need new ideas for Newsletters possibly from Subgroups and Regional Rep who could possibly write something .  What do you do for your Members?

Motion from Ray to remove Sonny as chair of Communications committee
Marg, Peter 2nd.  Amendment. Until we discuss with Sonny, David will be intern chair
Carried.    Ray to notify Sonny

Motion from David  For 15 @ $100 for $1,500 for gift cards from Service Plus for Awards for Canada 150 Contest.  Jennifer 2nd. Carried.

Committee set up to consist of propose outside of the AV group.  Marg 2nd
Youth Committee - Andrew Wigmore (Matthew, Jennifer)

Andrew attended CLC Conference in Toronto as PIPSC Youth representatives

Ray asked Executives to think about ways to get the youth involved:
Social justice - ie. human rights
Work/life balance
Get out and get more people involved. Drink socials, networking socials    

By-Laws - Peter Gabriel (Jean, David, Matt)

All ready for AGM    

PIPSC AGM 2017 - Peter Gabriel (Lynn, Marg, Raymond, David)

Selection list sent yesterday- Andrew cannot attend now.

Jean , Darlene, Jacques, Ray/Peter/Marg for NCR
11 Executives, 6 from Regions.

Ray moves to send list to PIPSC. Me 2nd. Carried

We also drew an alternate in case Sonny does not come   

AV Group AGM – 2017    Peter Gabriel (Lynn, Marg, Raymond, David)

  • Already
  • Interpretation on site
    • Natalie Tessier will translate during the meeting if necessary
    • All delegates get shirts   Observers can if one fits - no door prizes
  • Someone on the Communications committee should take the pictures
  • Motion by Peter. To purchase a gift for Norma, Natalie and Amy @ approx $35 each  2nd Marg    

Professionalism - Peter Gabriel (Jacques, Andrew, Marg)

Will look at things in Fall    
AV Group Bargaining    Ray Paquette
EWSP ( wellness plan). TB and PIPSC decided to change the way to negotiate this

Now a 3 tier, not the original 2 as originally negotiated - Ray - Peter backup

Domestic violence - PIPSC is now taking our proposal and make it theirs. The AV Bargaining team will not be negotiating it other people will
Mobilization - Ray Paquette

Nothing this meeting    

New Business - All

CO ad hoc committee - teleconference times mixed up - next one Darlene & David.

Debbie aware of classification grievance. Meet after Tawfil Said’s talk at Subgroups meeting tomorrow
Round Table - All

Post mortem of Bargaining - Saturday, July 15 at PIPSC HQ

Replacement of Matthew - now at Parks Canada - our By laws state the with less than 1 year - not needed to be replaced.
Ray and Peter to share his Ontario Region duties
Youth Committee
By laws

Motion by  Marg not to replace Matt's position of Ontario rep until next election. 2nd Lynn.   Carried

Use of teleconference line - president decides who to give the number to and will give it to the head of the committee.  i.e. CO Working Group Committee

The decision to invite President's and Treasurers to AGM by the core Executives was made as they felt wasn't fair to our members as the spaces were limited

Meeting Dates - Ray Paquette/Lynn Morris

September – 8 & 9 in Moncton, NB
November  16 – PIPSC AGM
Closing Remarks - Ray Paquette

Adjourned – Marg, 2nd Raymond    

Action Items - Responsibility - Status

Committee to write up an action for Moncton to get the Subgroup involved. Finalize details with Moncton and ensure execs by June 15 with costs and plan    - Sub Group Committee - Done