AV Group Bargaining Bulletin #3
Bargaining Update for PIPSC AU-CO-PG Classification Members

1. On December 11th, your AV Group Bargaining Team met to draft our monetary/pay bargaining proposal. Non-monetary proposal was exchanged in September 2018 meeting.

2. On January 11th, the Strategic Bargaining Committee, comprised of PIPSC representatives of Canadian Public Service employees and PIPSC President Daviau, met to update the strategy to reach an agreement in a timely manner.

3. Central Bargaining Committee will meet with Treasury Board end of January to discuss several key themes, including basic economic increase, parental and maternity leave, harassment and all other central issues.

4. Our next and second bargaining session is scheduled for February 5th to 7th in Ottawa. We will present our pay proposals and continue to negotiate non-monetary items with Treasury Board.

5. Once we have presented pay proposals with Treasury Board, we will analyze the respective points and engage our members through information sessions and bargaining bulletins.

6. Confirmation of future dates will be posted on our website.

Please check your email or PIPSC AV Group webpage regularly for further details.
Better Together!

AV Group Bargaining Team