Report on the VFS Saguenay subgroup annual general meeting held on May 8, 2019, at Rodi Jonquière restaurant

Executives in Attendance:   Mr. Sébastien Chouinard (President)

Mr. Kaven Landry (Vice-President)

Mrs. Joëlle Harvey (Secretary-Treasurer)

1. Roll Call (Members of the Sub-Group Executive)

Mr. Sébastien Chouinard introduced the members of his executive committee.
2. Opening Remarks:

The president welcomed us and handed out a copy of the AGM agenda. He introduced our guest, Mr. Steve Parent (AFS Regional Representative).

3. Approval of the agenda

The agenda was read by Sébastien Chouinard.

Motion to approve agenda by Hugues Pearson.

Jenny Lemelin seconded the motion.

4. Follow-up to the AGM report of April 18, 2018
Sébastien presented the highlights of the report. A copy of the report was sent to members in advance of the meeting for their perusal.

The approval of the minutes was proposed by Caroline Jean and seconded by Jannie Gauthier.

5. Business Arising from the Minutes of April 18, 2018

No questions were asked.

6. Report of the President

Sébastien discussed several topics:


7. VP Report

Kaven Landry told us about his involvement with the local HSC committee of the Chicoutimi TSO. He told us what to do when a problem arises. He emphasized the importance of filling out a T4009 form with your team leader, even if the injury seems innocuous at first glance.

8. Treasurer’s annual financial report (Joëlle Harvey)

Joëlle Harvey presented the financial report. The balance on December 31, 2018, was $384.96. A surplus of $105.66 was recorded for the period.

The approval of the financial report was proposed by Alexandre LaBastille and seconded by Mathieu Paquet. The financial report was adopted unanimously by the members present at the meeting.

9. Various IT topics:

Joëlle Harvey talked about the changes in the IT team: 4 new CS since last year: Jean-François Charest, Frédéric Boily, Yannick Doyon and Maxim Tremblay.  A macro team was created with 3 of these new CSs, and this team works exclusively on a cost-recovery basis, since IT is not funded in any way for macro programming.  She also talked about a national CS-01 process that will open soon to fill staffing gaps in various offices across Canada.  Then she told us about the projects for the coming year, namely the migration to Windows 10 and the RUF.  In short, IT has its work cut out for them in the coming year, with 550 computers to replace and all the migrations to do.

10. Presentation by Mr. Steve Parent (Various subjects):

Mr. Parent talks about various topics such as the week’s vacation we obtained to compensate for Phénix’s failures, staffing, ongoing grievances, bargaining and the work being done on a possible change to the sick leave program.  A few questions were put to him by members, and answered by Mr. Parent. (A copy of his report is available.)

11. Elections:
Sébastien advised the meeting that the positions of vice-president and treasurer are up for election this evening.

Mr. Steve Parent was nominated by Sébastien Chouinard to be the election chairman.

Vice-President (2-year term)

Maxim Tremblay nominated Yannick Doyon.  Yannick Doyon accepted.

Caroline Jean nominated Kaven Landry.  Kaven refuses. 

Yannick Doyon was acclaimed.

Secretary-treasurer (2-year term)

Caroline Jean nominated Kaven Landry.  Kaven accepted.  Jenny Lemelin nominated Luc Villeneuve.  Luc Villeneuve refused.  Yannick Doyon nominated Joëlle Harvey.  Joëlle Harvey refused. 

Kaven Landry was acclaimed.           

12. Varia

No varia topics
13. Adjournment:

Kaven Landry moved that the meeting be adjourned. Town Hall

The motion was seconded by Joëlle Harvey.

Meeting adjourned at 9:07 p.m.