Report on the AFS Saguenay subgroup annual general meeting held on November 24, 2021, at  Bistrot au Carré restaurant, Arvida

Executives in Attendance:   Mr. Sébastien Chouinard (President)

Mr. Yannick Doyon (Vice-President)

Mr. Kaven Landry (Secretary-Treasurer)        

1. Roll Call (members of the executive)

Mr. Sébastien Chouinard introduced the members of his executive committee.
2. Opening Remarks

The president welcomed us and handed out a copy of the AGM agenda. 

3. Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was read by Sébastien Chouinard.

Motion to approve agenda by Steeve Tremblay.

The motion was seconded by Pierre Fortin.
4. Presentation by Mr. Jean Couillard – Virtual (various subjects)

Jean talked to us about various subjects, PIPSC achievements, flextime/pilot project in Quebec, 100% English time, the pension fund, the near death of the EWSP/sick leave program, future negotiations, as our agreement ends on December 22, 2022. A few questions were put to him by members, and answered by Mr. Couillard.

5. Follow-up to AGM report for May 8, 2019, at Rodi Jonquière restaurant
Sébastien presented the highlights of the report. A copy of the report was sent to members in advance of the meeting for their perusal.

The approval of the minutes was proposed by Caroline Jean and seconded by Jean-François Godin.

6. Approval of minutes from May 8, 2019

No questions were asked.

7. President’s Report

The President gave us a summary of the communications that have taken place with management: EQTSO management-union meetings, monthly bilateral meetings with the EQTSO Director and ad hoc meetings with management to discuss various topics such as staffing. He also called on everyone to fill the position of PIPSC representative on the EAP committee for the Chicoutimi office. On the subject of union meetings, the President gave us a summary of the AFS Group AGM held at the end of October. He also mentioned that he attends monthly meetings of regional sub-group presidents.

8. VP Reports

Yannick Doyon reported on changes in the IT team and workloads at CF Jonquière in the IT sector. 

9. Treasurer’s annual financial report (Kaven Landry)

Kaven Landry presented the financial report. The balance on December 31, 2020, was $1531.35. The March 2021 allocation of $1,231 was received, leaving a cash balance of $2,543 available for the 2021 AGM. The entire restaurant had been reserved and we had committed to more than 15 people, at the executive’s request; Six members brought their spouses. A total of 12 members and 6 guests attended.  

A budget for 2022 was presented. A surplus of $195 was forecasted.

The approval of the financial report was proposed by Luc Villeneuve and seconded by Réjean Guay. The financial report was adopted unanimously by the members present at the meeting.

10. Elections
Sébastien advised the meeting that since there has been no AGM for over 12 months, all positions were up for election that evening.

Mr. Steve Tremblay was nominated by Sébastien Chouinard to be the election chairman.

President (2-year term)

Réjean Guay nominated Sébastien Chouinard.  Sébastien accepted.

Sébastien Chouinard was acclaimed.

Vice-President (1-year term)

Pierre Fortin nominated Yannick Doyon. Yannick Doyon accepted.

Yannick Doyon was acclaimed.

Secretary-treasurer (2-year term)

Caroline Jean nominated Kaven Landry. Kaven accepted.    

Kaven Landry was acclaimed.           

11. Other Business

No other business.
12. Adjournment

Jean-Francois Godin moved that the meeting be adjourned.

The motion was seconded by Hugues Pearson.

Meeting adjourned at 6:40 p.m.