Ballots with the list of candidates and links to their respective biographical sketches shall begin to be sent to each member entitled to vote no later than October 15, 2021. Completed ballots must be received at the Professional Institute National Office no later than November 5, 2021 @ 12:00 PM (noon) Ottawa time.


  • President : One (1) vacancy
  • Vice-President – Full-time : Two (2) vacancies
  • Vice-President – Part-time : Two (2) vacancies
  • Regional Directors
    • Atlantic : One (1) vacancy
    • British Columbia/Yukon : One (1) vacancy
    • National Capital : Four (4) vacancies
    • Ontario : One (1) vacancy
    • Prairies/Northwest Territories : One (1) vacancy
    • Québec : One (1) vacancy

Notes: The Advisory Council Director will be elected through a separate process conducted by the Advisory Council. The term for all positions is for three (3) years beginning January 1, 2022 and ending December 31, 2024.


Members shall submit their nomination form accompanied by the list of their nominators, a biographical sketch (optional) and a photograph. Nominees shall ensure that the documents submitted are completed in accordance with the instructions provided. Both original nomination form and the list of their nominators, or those forms scanned and submitted by electronic mail attachments, will be accepted as official nominations.


All nomination documentation must be sent to the Professional Institute National Office not later than August 27, 2021, 5:00 PM (Ottawa Time).


  • By-Law 18.1 Elected Officers - The President and four (4) Vice-Presidents shall be the elected Officers of the Institute.
    • The terms and conditions of employment for the President and Vice-Presidents include:
      • The Policy on President and Vice-Presidents,
        • Part 2 of this policy consists of the ‘Terms and Conditions of Employment’, including salary details.
        • Position descriptions (Appendix A) for the Executive Officers’ positions are available on the PIPSC website.
        • Please review this policy as each nominee’s signature on their respective nomination form certifies that they have been provided the ‘Terms and Conditions of Employment’.
      • Service Agreements: The candidates for Executive Officer positions, deemed to have won the election, must be prepared to sign and execute the specific service agreement for their position prior to assuming office.
      • This Notice of Election
    • The newly elected officials will have their salary set at the range minimum in the first year. Their salary will be increased to the next step in each of the successive years of their term of office. Re-elected officials will continue to have their salary increased to the next step in the range until their salary is at the range maximum.
    • President
      • The President has a salary range from $164,134 to $192,729 with steps as follows: Step 1: $164,134; Step 2: $173,664; Step 3: $183,198; Step 4: $192,729.
    • Vice-Presidents
      • The Full-Time Vice-Presidents have a salary range from $133,458 to $156,714 with steps as follows: Step 1: $133,458; Step 2: $141,209; Step 3: $148,963; Step 4: $156,714.
      • Part-Time Vice-Presidents will receive salary replacement, paid at their hourly rate of pay from their substantive position, only for hours missed from their substantive position, as approved by the President.
      • Part-Time Vice-Presidents who are retired members will not receive any salary replacement, as they no longer occupy a substantive position.
      • A ‘substantive position’ is the position from the unionized employer, represented by the Institute, where the PTVP is on leave in order to perform his or her duties for the Institute.


  • By-Law 17.3.2 Conduct of Elections - The Elections Committee shall be responsible for the conduct of Institute elections for Officers and Directors, other than the AC Director, according to the By-Laws and Regulations of the Institute and shall adopt such administrative procedures as may be necessary to conduct that election.
  • All members participating in election campaign activities, candidates and their supporters are obliged to view the Elections Committee webpages, including the ‘Election Campaign Administrative Procedures’ document to view their responsibilities. A candidate’s signature on their respective nomination form certifies that they have read, understood and will abide by the election campaign administrative procedures.
  • All Regular and Retired members in good-standing may nominate, vote and be candidates for the positions of President, Vice-President or Regional Director.
  • Affiliate and Honorary members are not eligible to nominate, vote or be candidates for the positions of President, Vice-President or Regional Director.
  • By-Law 22.2.1 - A Regular Member of the Board shall be employed in the Region which he represents while in office. A Regular Member of the Board who ceases to be employed in the Region for which he was elected shall cease to be a member of the Board, except where the Regular Member becomes a Retired Member.
  • By-Law - Notwithstanding By-Law 4.5, a Retired Member shall reside in the Region which he represents while in office. If a Retired Member does not reside or ceases to reside in the Region which he represents, he shall cease to be a member of the Board.
  • By-Law 22.2.2 No member shall be a candidate for more than one (1) position on the Board in any given election.
  • As per the ‘Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act’, the following members are disqualified from holding positions on the Board of Directors:
    • anyone who is less than 18 years of age;
    • anyone who has been declared incapable by a Court in Canada or in another country;
    • a person who is not an individual (i.e., a corporation cannot be a director); and
    • a person who has the status of a bankrupt 

      (These factors are required before candidates hold office).
  • By-Law - A member of a Group, Sub-Group, Region or Branch Executive is eligible for election as a member of the Board, however, upon election, must immediately resign their position(s) in accordance with BL, BL 20.2.1 and BL 21.2.1.
  • By-Law 22.3.1 Directors - Each member, eligible to vote, whose normal place of work is in a Region, shall be entitled to vote to elect the appropriate number of Directors to represent that Region. A Retired member shall vote in the Region in which he resides.
  • By-Law 22.3.2 - Officer and Regional Director positions will use the British Columbia Single Transferable Vote (BC STV), as described in the BC Citizens Council Technical Report of December 2004.
  • By-Law 22.4 Election Campaigns - Candidates, supporters and other members involved in election activities will be expected to observe accepted standards of conduct through an election campaign, both in verbal and written communications.