Message To: All PIPSC Members

From: Chair, National Elections Committee

Subject: PIPSC National Elections – Members ‘Signature Form’

Date: March 12, 2018

During the fall of 2018, as per PIPSC By-Law 22, members will participate in democracy and vote to elect the full slate of Officers and Directors of our Union – the National Board of Directors.  Each nominee must be nominated by a list of eligible members – including their signatures.  The official ‘Signature’ form is available now.  The call for nominations and accompanying nomination form will be released later. We are releasing the signature form earlier to allow time for nominees to collect the required nominating names and respective signatures.  The form is available on the PIPSC website

PIPSC National elections utilize an existing and approved form of ‘Single Transferable Vote’ (STV) - a voting system designed to achieve proportional representation through ranked voting.  Under STV, an eligible member (voter) has a single vote that is initially allocated to their most preferred candidate and, as the count proceeds and candidates are either elected or eliminated, is transferred to other candidates according to the voter's stated preferences and in proportion to any surplus or discarded votes. The exact method of reapportioning votes can vary.  As per By-Law 22.3.2, Officer and Regional Director positions will use the British Columbia Single Transferrable Vote method (BC STV).

Please take note of elections information as it is released throughout 2018.

The Board of Directors is your Union leadership.  Participate, support your preferred candidate, and vote!


Jim McMillan

Chair, Elections Committee