Members of the Elections Committee and Staff Resources are committed to working together as a team in the best interest of the Institute, to achieve the duties for which it has been mandated.  

Here are principles to be followed:

  • Act honestly, ethically and with integrity, exercise care, diligence and skill, and fulfill their responsibilities to the best of their abilities.
  • Act in the best interest of the organization, avoid conflict of interest and work to build consensus.
  • Respect the decisions of the Committee, support its recommendations and work toward its goals.
  • Act with courtesy and civility, listen in a fair and open manner and respect each other’s views.
  • Respect the confidential and sensitive nature of documents reviewed and issues discussed. For greater clarity, members of the Committee are to be mindful that they report solely to the Board of Directors (not to individual members of the Board but to the Board in its entirety, and not to Regional Councils).  They should not disclose any information obtained in the course of the Committees’ work and deliberations except as directed to do so by the Board of Directors. Any breach of confidentiality may lead to immediate removal from the Committee and to discipline up to and including expulsion in accordance with the Institute’s By-laws.
  • Devote the time and effort to be sufficiently prepared for meetings and to remain engaged and participative during discussions and decision-making.
  • It is the Chair’s responsibility to ensure that meetings take place in an orderly fashion, that relevant information is shared with all of the members of the Committee and that the views of all members are heard.

Concerns regarding actions that do not comply with these principles should be discussed in a timely manner, with the member, with the Chair or with the Committee as a whole.  Every effort should be made to resolve issues in the best interest of the Committee and the Institute.

Members of Elections Committee are also reminded of By-Law as follows:
By-Law Members Ineligibility as Candidates in Institute Elections  
Upon accepting an appointment to the Elections Committee, a member shall irrevocably forfeit their right to be a candidate for the election that the Committee is charged with conducting, or to hold office as an Officer or Director of the Institute after that election has been completed.  AGM 2006 (e).