APRIL 14, 2023



  1. Approval of the BLPC - Draft December 9-10, 2022.


Motion to be added to the Agenda for follow-up and go to the Board


Draft minutes have been approved. 


  1. Approval of the BLPC – Draft April 3, 2023



Natalie to look at the abc’s….


  1. Approval of the Agenda




  1. BC/Yukon Bylaw Change


BLPC is accepting all the changes submitted. However, there is concern around the word ‘’normally’’. BLCP is recommending that Mike Chow bring this back to Morgan Cranny and Dean Corda for discussion because it has been mentioned that it is too restrictive and other wording that has been discussed.


  1. IT Ottawa Metro Sub-group Bylaw


Looked and discussed at the March 28, 2023 Resubmitted


Preamble: the word regulations is there twice and need to be deleted.Steph

Everywhere the acronym CS is written, needs to be changed to ‘’IT’’

A lot of grammatical and formatting errors.

6.1 (asking to have it replaced) Discussion and Micheal will go back to them to correct the paragraph to reflect the PIPSC Bylaws.

7.1 Discussion…not ok with this change because they need an election committee

What is relevant is the 2007 version and need to work from this one.


Action Item: Michael Kenny will work with the subgroup in the next few months to go through their bylaws from the 2007 version and the subgroup model.


  1. Funding Requests


This requests had been dealt with and has not been accepted by the Finance Committee


  1. Lethbridge Branch Constitution and Bylaws


The last version posted on the website was in 2007. Christine will work with the Branch to better their bylaws changes before their May 4, 2023 AGM.


  1. ECC

Carried and approved by the board


  1. Policy on Institute Staff


Carried and approved by the board


  1. Policy on Financial Support for 


This would be applicable to all regions.

The Board tasked BLPC to look at the block of rooms subject and should this be added to the Policy. 


Suggested wording:

Section 4 – Travel arrangements:

Add a 3rd paragraph that reads: Unless otherwise authorized in advance by the Institute, blocks of rooms arranged by the Institute shall be used by the members.


This suggestion will be brought back to the Board.




  1. Amendment to the Edmonton Branch Constitution and Bylaws


As per the April 3, 2023 minutes, BLPC has looked at the changes and Christine submitted the minutes to prove that it’s been ratified by the members. It can now go to the Board.


Action Item: To go to the Board for approval.


  1. Policy on Accessing PIPSC IT Equipment


Was talked about at the April 3, 2023


  1. DRE Prairies Sub-Group – Dissolved

This issue needs to go to the Executive Committee (Sylvie Desforges) for their action.


  1. NEB Group Bylaws


We are revising Rick Cuzzetto’s email December 13, 2022 v3

BLPC reviewed it and:

  • Some formatting to be corrected
  • 5.8 change ‘’auditing’’ to ‘’reviewing’’ and ‘’audit’’ to ‘’review’’
  • Bylaw 7 – should be ‘’Election Committee’’ rather than ‘’Election Chair’’ as per the model
  • Look at the model for the plurazition
  • 8.1.3 – should be 50% instead of ‘’12 members’’
  • 8.1.5 – BLPC proposes that to remove ‘’ by a show of hands’’
  • 11.3 – change ‘’Election Chair’’ to ‘’Election Committee’’
  • 11.2 Bargaining Committee is to be deleted however add a sentence ‘’It shall normally be chaired by the Group President.
  • 11.2.2 changes 11.2.1
  • 11.4 should be removed
  • Recommending that Bylaw 12 is a continuation to Bylaw 11
  • Bylaw 13 – need to be changes to the bullet numbering
  • Bylaw 13 Context and Gender should be Bylaw 14 (Stéphanie to check)


Action Item: Stéphanie Fréchette will reach out to the Group President to advise of the changes.


  1. CP Group Bylaws


Discussion and the BLPC is not clear on what the Group wants to do. Stéphanie will go back to the Group to get some clarity on:


  1. Re-insert ‘’Remove the designated region which would allow to select from outside their regions’’.
  2. Look at their terminology so it can be consistent.
  3. Make sure 6.2.3 ii) does not contravene with 6.2.3 i)


  1. House of Commons Group – Amended


Discussion around the ‘’Proxies’’ section: as per the BLPC proxies do not count as quorum but they count as votes. Clarification will be sought out from Martin Ranger, General Counsel.


This subject was talked about in November 2019 (with the Senate Group).


Stéphanie will follow-up.


  1. NWT Branch


These are new bylaws based on the model and was ratified by its member at their January 31, 2023.

Noted: that auditing needs to be changed to review in 5.8


Action item: to go to the Board for approval


  1. Ontario Region Constitution and Bylaws


BLPC has approved and going back to be ratified by the region.


  1. Regina Branch Bylaws changes


Change were ratified by the members at their March 9, 2023 AGM.

Noted: need to change ‘’secretary treasurer’’ in 5.4 (probably an oversight). Will let the Branch know and make the change.

5.5 change audit to review

Christine look into this


Action item: to go to the Board for approval.


  1. CRPEG Bylaws


Michaeal Kenny will follow-up with the group for more details.


  1. Constituent Body Allocations


Discussion around how to bring a policy change to the PIPSC AGM.


Next meeting: Friday, July 14, 2023