Institute Member Services

Policy and Communications Department


  • Support for Bargaining
  • Pay analysis, bargaining surveys, costing of tentative deals and bargaining proposals
  • Economic Analysis
  • Issue Specialization

Mobilization & Recruitment:

  • Member Mobilization
  • Campaigns
  • Recruitment


  • Translation of Institute documents
  • Trans-creation of Institute documents
  • Ensure consistency of terms used in PIPSC documents


  • Media Relations
  • Communications and Campaigns
  • Digital Communications and Marketing
  • Development of proactive and effective media strategy and protocols
  • Comprehensive support for spokespeople
  • Collaboration with Constituent Bodies in developing communication strategies
  • Updated Tactics including a new emphasis on digital communications, increased focus on earned media, visual capacity and campaign organization

Corporate Services Department

Corporate Services:

  • Service Plus
  • Travel Administration
  • Contract and Event Management

Membership & Administration:

  • Support for Constituent Bodies and Executives
  • Support for Institute Stewards and Committees of the Board
  • Administration of the Conference Centre
  • Collection of Union Dues
  • Maintenance of the Institute’s Data Base
  • Annual Counts for Constituent Body Funding
  • Recruitment of Rands
  • Maintenance of the Exclusion Data Base
  • Support for Institute AGM
  • Production of financial statements of the Institute and related entities


  • Review and payment of members’ financial claims and contracts related to PIPSC meetings
  • Support for Finance Committee and other Committees of the Institute
  • AGM support for Chair of the Finance Committee
  • Production of the Institute’s annual budget for approval by the AGM
  • Production of financial statements of the Institute and all other related entities
  • Process annual allowances to Constituent Bodies
  • Budget reports to Institute Committees
  • Accounting, processing and reporting of Institute bank accounts
  • Accounts payable

Legal Services Department


  • Legal representation to the Institute and its members before administrative boards and various courts
  • Legal opinions and advice to the Institute staff, elected officials and members as required
  • Drafts and interpretation of By-Laws, Regulations and Policies
  • Drafting of legislative briefs and submissions
  • Appearance before parliamentary committees
  • Liaison with external boards and tribunals
  • Reports to the Board of Directors on various issues

Dispute Resolution:

  • Administration of complaints and requests for dispute resolutions services by member
  • Support and training for Member Conduct Roster
  • Link between Member Conduct Roster and the Board of Directors
  • Dispute resolution services in member and constituent body disputes

Regional Labour Relations Services Department

Labour Relations:

  • Specialized technical advice on the interpretation and application of all applicable federal and provincial legislation, collective agreements, employer policies, directives and guidelines
  • Representation of Institute members in formal and informal labour relations processes, including grievances
  • Advice, assistance and coaching to stewards
  • Technical advice and support to labour management consultation committees and the Working Group on Consultation
  • Representation of member’s interests on public service wide committees, including the TBS Policy Suite Reset, the Federal ICMS Network, the Public Service Commission Joint Advisory Council and the PSLREB Consultation Committee (staffing)
  • Representation of members’ interests on National Joint Council committees
  • Training sessions to stewards, including basic steward training and labour school
  • Support to regional executives, regional councils and branch activities


  • Works with the Training and Education Committee on any issue relating to the provision of training services, including the recruitment and training of stewards and members
  • Creation, design, development and implementation of training programs, modules and materials including e-learning courses
  • Design and development of content for articles, booklets, pamphlets and fact sheets suitable for print and on the Web

National Labour Relations Services Department


  • Bargaining services including preparation of proposals, arguments, Memorandum of Settlements
  • Spokesperson for the bargaining teams
  • Communication of bargaining related priorities and information related to ratification votes to members
  • Guidance and technical expertise to bargaining teams while in bargaining
  • Guidance to bargaining teams in response to enquiries on tentative agreements and ratification votes
  • Guidance and technical expertise to the group executive in all their constituent activities
  • Representation of members’ interests in arbitration - if no agreement is reached

Pension & Benefits:

  • Specialized technical advice to members on the interpretation of Pension and Health Benefits
  • Representation of members’ interests on NJC Committees such as Disability Management committee, Dental Board, Occupational Safety and Health, Public Service Health Plan, Disability Insurance Plan, Dental Plan


  • Advice and representation to members on grievances related to classification, job description and pay up to and including tribunals
  • Representation of members’ interests in the development and/or modification and implementation of job evaluation plans
  • Representation of members’ interests in projects related to government/department/agency wide generic work description roll-outs
  • Technical expertise and support to negotiators and bargaining teams on classification related matters

Informatics Department


  • Develops and maintains PIPSC website
  • Develops and maintains Service Plus website
  • Customer support to PIPSC members (Incidents and Service Requests)
  • Maintenance of secure environment for all users of PIPSC technology services
  • Management and support of national telecommunications and data network
  • Maintains a “virtual computing environment”

Office of the COO & Executive Secretary

Governance Secretariat:

  • Executive secretary & recording of Board of Directors’ meetings, standing committees and AGM
  • Coordination of AGM, Board of Directors’ and standing committees meetings
  • Support to the Board of Directors with various responsibilities including coordination of Institute Awards
  • Oversight in the implementation of the direction and strategic objectives of the organization
  • Operations reporting to the Board of Directors
  • Governance secretariat services to 250 Tremblay Road National Office Corporation, the Professional Institute Legacy Foundation and the Life Insurance Trust
  • Lead for various internal and external committees including the Pension Committee and the Administrative Authority of the PSHCP