Institute Service Award – Guidelines and Nomination Form


The Institute Service Award recognizes outstanding service by regular and retired members and employees of the Institute over a long period of time or of a shorter duration when the outstanding service is of such a high order that it results in a contribution of enduring value to the Institute.

The Nominators should consider what the Nominee has accomplished to be set apart from others and which service or contribution is considered to be above and beyond that which might be expected of any devoted member. The fact that the Nominee has held many or all of the normal offices, and has fulfilled these offices well and faithfully, is not in itself sufficient to warrant a recommendation for the Institute Service Award. It is expected that those who accept PIPSC offices will put as much of themselves and their time into the job as their day-to-day activities will allow.

The membership strength of the Group, Sub-Group, Branch, and Region may be indicated, as service in a small or large community may have some bearing in the evaluation by the Panel of Judges.

It is expected that a person would normally have received a Citation Certificate before an Institute Service Award, although this not a strict requirement.

The Nominators should assume that the Panel of Judges has only the completed Nomination Form on which to base its decision to approve or not. Therefore, specific references, details and dates concerning the outstanding service must be provided.

This Nomination Form should be read and used in conjunction with PIPSC By-Law 26.3, Regulation 26.3 and the following requirements and criteria.

1.   The Nominee must be a regular or retired member or an employee of the Institute.

2.   The Nominee must have provided an outstanding service to the Institute.

3.   A minimum of five (5) Nominators are required and they must be Regular or Retired members of the Institute in good standing.

4.   The Nomination Form must be completed as thoroughly as possible and should not exceed 1200 words (incomplete nominations will be returned to the Nominators for completion or will not be considered).

5.   Supplemental information in support of the nomination may be attached to the completed Nomination Form.

6.   The completed and signed Nomination Form must be received by the Institute no later than Sept 2, 2022 at 5 p.m. (Ottawa Time).

Nominations may also be sent by email to or by fax to 1-800-465-7477.

Nomination form

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