2021 CP Election_Angela Cowie

Angela has been a PIPSC Steward in good standing since 2017, she volunteers as your incumbent CP Group National BC/Yukon Representative, your Victoria Branch Secretary and your South Vancouver Island CP Subgroup President. Angela started her career as a PG04 over 14 years ago in Ottawa and now in Victoria for commercial acquisitions at Public Services and Procurement Canada

It has been a tough year for everyone. We are all drawing upon our resilience to get through this time hoping that there will be an end in sight. Taking care of you during the past three years and during this pivotal time has had its challenges. Through attending National Executive meetings, PIPSC National AGMs, CP AGMs, Steward Councils, Regional Councils, national and local management consultations and assisting members with employer issues, even throughout the pandemic, I have supported you and your union brothers and sisters. I have and will continue to represent you in work from home support, COVID19 sick leave, pay commensurate with, at minimum, cost of living increases and work/life balance, allowing you to take care of yourself and your families. 

As a single mom I understand how important it is to feel supported at work and by extension feel support for my family. When injustice has happened to me at work, and believe me it has, I fought, shared my story and overcame. And I didn’t fight just for me, it was clear to me that I was fighting for all employees. Employment injustices against any of us are against us all. This volunteer work feels good, it’s fulfilling to help and by being of service to you during the coming term as your representative I hope to continue to make a difference in your life.

In solidarity,

Angela Cowie

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