William Stewart

Thank you for considering my name for the position of President or Treasurer for the NUREG executive. Many of you know me through my work in DNCFR and the Uranium Mines and Mills Division. Many more of you know of my work as a NUREG steward over the last 15 years. Being a CNSC steward has allowed me to speak to and support many CNSC staff all across the country. I have served 3 terms on the NUREG executive as member at large or treasurer. I created, and am President of, the first NUREG sub-group, in Saskatoon, and supported the creation of the second sub-group, in Calgary.

The next three years are going to include several challenges for NUREG. We will be entering a very difficult round of negotiations including the changes related to remote work, and staffing. If elected, it will be my focus to bargain for fair wage increases for all NUREG members, and to work with the CNSC to develop and implement fair staffing and progression plans.

I will work to rebuild the steward network, and improve communication from the NUREG executive.

Thank you for considering my name for President or Treasurer of NUREG.
William Stewart